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Is Kelontae Gavin Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Kelontae Gavin

Kelontae Gavin is a renowned gospel singer and worship leader from the USA. He is most recognized for his tracks “No Ordinary Worship” and “Higher,” both released on gospel radio.

Kelontae gained fame when a video of him performing the hymn “I Won’t Complain” to a worker in the cafeteria at his previous high school got uploaded to YouTube. You can find the video¬†here.

In 2016, a star-maker manager by the name of Marquis Boone of Marquis Boone Enterprises spotted Gavin. Marquis Boone then collaborated with Tyscot Records to launch the radio single “Higher” in the fall of that same year.

Myron Butler was the one responsible for producing the album. In the spring of 2017, the song broke into the Top 20 on the Gospel Indicator chart that Billboard Magazine maintains.

Do you want to know Kelontae Gavin’s wife? Is he married? And was he married to an ex-wife? Then continue reading to find out.

Is Kelontae Gavin Married to a wife? 

Image of Kelontae Gavin

Kelontae Gavin is an American worship leader and a gospel singer. He is known for his worship and gospel songs.

Kelontae Gavin is a well-known man with a dashing good look and refined fashion sense, which have garnered him great admiration. In addition to that, on Kelontae’s official Instagram account, he has posted a significant number of photographs as well as video recordings.

Aside from that, Kelontae Gavin stayed in great shape throughout the season. It is clear that he is in a relationship and possibly even has a wife.

In interviews or on his Instagram, Kelontae has, to our regret, not disclosed any information about the person with whom he is romantically involved. On the other hand, some sources claim that Kelontae had a wife to who he was married.

Regrettably, the well-known gospel singer never confirms or denies this information. So, it’s possible that it was real or not. Let’s hold off on discussing Kelontae’s relationship until he has shared any new information with us.

Is Kelontae Gavin married to an ex-wife or has a girlfriend?

Unfortunately, Kelontae has not revealed the identity of either his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, just like he hasn’t revealed the essence of his current partner. We are assuming that the well-known gospel singer Kelontae is the kind of guy who prefers to keep the details of his personal life hidden from the public and does not want the public to learn about it.

Don’t worry; we will update this article if we learn anything new about Kelotae Gavin’s previous relationships.

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