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Kangol Kid is Married to Wife: Tajiri Swindell. Kids.

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Image of Kangol Kid with his wife, Tajiri Swindell

If you are part of the Millennials, you most likely heard the name or even listened to Kangol Kid when you were younger. Born Shaun Shiller Fequiere, he is a rapper, songwriter, producer, hip-hop artist, and emcee.

The underground rap scene first embraced his musical break. From a humble teen that just wanted to make it big in the mainstream, he became the very thing that every aspiring artist wants to be.

The artist’s career skyrocketed when people noticed his signature and unique way of producing classic rap hits. In addition to that, he is also the first notable hip-hop musician that would promote an item with the help of sponsorship.

Unfortunately, who was dubbed as one of the forbears of hip-hop is not with us anymore. His death was a shock that sent waves through the music industry.

He sadly passed away in December of 2021 because of colon cancer.

Who is Kangol Kid’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Kangol Kid is Married to his Wife, Tajiri Swindell

Image of Kangol Kid with his wife, Tajiri Swindell
Kangol Kid with his wife, Tajiri Swindell

There is that one person that will always stay by our side no matter what happens; in his case, it is Kangol Kid’s Wife. It’s been years since the two have met and started to mingle with each other.

Unfortunately, the couple is not the most vocal people in the music industry, so there is not much information available about the exact date that they became one. There are no other details regarding the lovebirds’ initial meeting and how they know each other.

One thing is for sure, though, that it was quite some time since they already had a kid.

Kangol Kid’s Previous Relationships

Kangol Kid’s wife is not the first woman that he ever had the opportunity to become his partner. Before the relationship between the two, a woman named Christine made the rapper’s heart flutter.

Even though their love story is not disclosed to the public, we all know that despite all the problems and challenges they faced before, they had enjoyed the company of one another.

Tajiri Swindell’s Biography

Unlike some people, he and Kangol Kid’s wife are not explicitly telling the world all of their personal information. But do not fret because, luckily, Tajiri gave us a glimpse into the life she’s been living.

According to sources, it is believed that she is a government employee working in correction facilities or prisons as an officer. In addition to that, she is also a brilliant woman having a Master’s Degree in Science, awarded to her last 2020.

Kangol Kid’s Kids

Image of Kangol Kid and Tajiri Swindell with their daughter, Amancia
Kangol Kid and Tajiri Swindell with their daughter, Amancia

The artist has four children in total, three of which came from his first wife Christine and the other from Tajiri. His kids, T. Shaun, Andrem, and Giovanni, all work in the same industry that their father worked in before, which is music.

They are all successful in their respective occupations. On the other hand, Tajiri and Shaun had a daughter named Amancia, who is believed to be in her toddler years.

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