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Judge Mathis is Married to Wife: Linda Reese. Kids: Jade, Camara, Amir, Greg Jr.

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Judge Mathis Wife

Award-winning judge Greg Mathis Jr. or ‘Judge Mathis has always been in the limelight of TV and Law as far as one can remember.

He debuted on television in September of 1999 with the reality show ‘Judge Mathis.’ And he has always been in the limelight of mainstream law shows ever since.

Mathis’ early life was the exact opposite of easy. It was full of and mired with troubles. At a young age, Mathis’ parents broke off their marriage and divorced.

This event would lead Mathis’ mother to raise him alone. A broken home isn’t exactly a good place to be, so to cope, Mathis joined gangs.

Embracing the gangbanging culture, the obvious has come. When he was 17, Matthis found himself arrested and under probation due to illegal activities.

But the authorities released him shortly after his arrest so that he could join his terminally ill mother. That event seemingly humbled Mathis as he decided to turn into a new leaf.

A new man, utterly obscure from his old ways.

Judge Gregory Ellis Mathis
Former judge of Michigan’s 36th District Court and Black-interests motivational speaker/activist Gregory Ellis Mathis

Currently retired as a district court judge, he lives a leisure life away from the gavel with his wife and kids. Let’s find out who they are:

Judge Mathis Marriage 

There seems to be this unwritten rule that celebrities’ marriages can never end on a good note.

Constituting the last decade or two, there have been numerous divorces and breakups of many celebrities.

It doesn’t only include on-screen couples but non-showbiz ones too.

And thankfully, Gregory Mathis’ marriage seems to be an exception to the so-called rule.

Is Judge Mathis gay?

Before we get into his relationships, I’m sure you’ve already heard numerous reports of him being gay, bisexual, or even just unsure of his sexual orientation. To debunk that, Judge Mathis is as straight as a rod. And he’s a married man at that.

Judge Mathis and Linda Reese’s kids 

In 1985, Judge Mathis tied the knot with his then-girlfriend Linda Reese. And they have been going strong ever since.

However, there is not much known about their marriage, early life, or Linda. But one could say that they are more in love than ever.

The two are often spotted walking together on red carpets like the NAACP Image Awards. The couple was blessed with four children named Jade, Camara, Amir, and Greg Jr.

Former Michigan 36th District Court judge, Gregory Ellis Mathis
Former Michigan 36th District Court judge Gregory Ellis with his family

As of 2021, Linda Reese is already nearing her 60s and 58. She was born on May 11, 1963, in the country of freedom, the United States of America. Accordingly, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

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