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Joshua Vacanti is Married to Wife: Sam Olwenik. Kids

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Image of Joshua Vacanti with his wife, Sam Olwenik

Joshua Vacanti is a music artist and an on-stage performer from the United States of America. His stardom debuted during his appearance on the 21st season of The Voice.

The mentors present during his audition were Ariana Grande, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton. His coach throughout the season was John Legend.

When Vacanti was still young, the doctors diagnosed him with severe asthma, which frequently brought him to the hospital. Due to medications, he gained a lot of weight and reached 300 pounds.

Because of his prior experience, he turned to the church and became a music coach. Moreover, he is also an educator in drug prevention.

The colorful life of the singer brought him Sam, Joshua Vacanti’s wife. Learn more about their marriage and kids in this Wikipedia-type article.

Joshua Vacanti is Married to Sam Olwenik.         

Image of Joshua Vacanti with his wife, Sam Olwenik
Joshua Vacanti with his wife, Sam Olwenik

Joshua has been living his life as an open book because he wants to inspire many people through his life experiences. He is proud to announce his marriage to his long-time girlfriend.

Joshua Vacanti’s wife is identified to be Sam Olewnik. It was known that the singer had been dating his then-girlfriend for five years before tying the knot.

Their marriage date was discovered to be on the 29th of November 2019. Their marriage has been far away from any rumors of affair ever since.

They live joyously with each other focusing on their marriage before anything else. Their same interest in music makes their bond stronger as a married couple.           

The couple is evidently in love with each other based on their social media posts and public appearance. Joshua Vacanti’s wife mentioned that they are working on their marriage to go stronger as years go by.

Who is Sam Olwenik?            

Sam is most famous for being Joshua Vacanti’s wife. However, she is her person as a singer and a worship leader.

The couple is making their bond stronger through music. They uploaded a video of them singing “I’m You.”

The duo’s talent is widely celebrated on social media platforms, especially after Joshua’s appearance in The Voice. Supporters never fail to show their appreciation for the singing couple.

Joshua Vacanti’s wife is why rumors about him being gay died. The basis for such claims was not tracked down until it was put down.

There is not much information with regards to the early life and career of Sam Olwenik. She is currently the stay-at-home wife of a famous singer.

Joshua Vacanti’s Kids                      

Joshua and Sam have long been dating before deciding to tie the knot. Their marriage occurred only recently. Thus having a child is not on their list yet.

According to the couple, they want to enjoy their married life together before deciding to have a child. Their time as boyfriend and girlfriend was limited by the social norms. Thus, being unified by marriage gave them the freedom to do whatever they wanted.

They are both pursuing a career in music. This is where most of their time is spent.

According to sources, they have been traveling worldwide and witnessing its beauty. Despite their busy schedule, they are making sure to free their schedule for each other.

Joshua once mentioned in an interview that he would not be where he is today without the unending support of Sam. Joshua Vacanti’s wife has been there before stardom, and she is the one who encourages the singer to push through his career.

Reports of them having a child can be expected sooner or later. They are still settling some things before putting their plan into action.

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