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Joshua Dela Cruz is Married to Wife: Amanda Dela Cruz. Kids.

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Image of Joshua Dela Cruz a Filipino-American Actor, Dancer, and Singer

If you were an adventurous child back then or now, you might have watched the popular kids’ show Blue’s Clues & You! Joshua Craig Dela Cruz, also known as Joshua Dela Cruz, is the show’s third host and plays his character.

The show host is a famous Filipino-American actor. And he was born in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, on March 23, 1989, and is now 33.

He first pursued a career in theater shows before entering the world of film and television. The actor loves to appear in performances.

People have viewed Joshua as a charming and appealing man in the show, and they think it has something to do with his theater skills. Viewers of the show kept rising while he was making appearances in the show, and even kids commented that Dela Cruz is a good singer and that he fits the show.

With his rising career in the entertainment industry, the host did not escape rumors. Many fans wonder if he is dating someone right now or if he is married.

Keep reading this article because we have more details regarding Joshua Dela Cruz’s wife, partner, and marital life.

Joshua Dela Cruz is Married to Wife, Amanda Dela Cruz since 2016

Image of Joshua Dela Cruz with his wife Amanda Dela Cruz
Joshua Dela Cruz with his wife Amanda Dela Cruz

The marriage of Joshua and Amanda was admired by many because of their chemistry and love for each other. Moreover, the two have been married for six years, and they continue to support each other’s careers.

Joshua Dela Cruz’s wife is a dancer and loves to appear in various performances, and the couple met when they worked together at Montclair State University. They loved to perform dance reels, but they were not able to finish those performances for some reason.

The host found the perfect opportunity to set up a special day that his wife will surely never forget. Joshua invited his wife to produce a dance reel in Central Park with Frank Sinatra’s You Make Me Feel So Young as their music.

Their family and friend described the engagement as a movie-like scene, and the most interesting part is when the two finally got to the fountain. Joshua finally asked the question to his partner, and Amanda said “Yes” and was excited to be Joshua Dela Cruz’s wife.

Amanda Dela Cruz Biography

Image of Amanda Dela Cruz a Actress and Director
Amanda Dela Cruz an Actress and Director

Joshua Dela Cruz’s wife is Amanda Dela Cruz, and she also has a passion for acting. People saw this as the characteristic that connected the couple and led them right to marriage.

Amanda loves to appear in shows and acting projects which is why she has been made a cast member of various films and television shows, including Broad City, Wonderful Lady Missel, and Paul. The actress also played the character of Amy in Sleepwalks.

She attended Montclair State University, where she graduated and earned a bachelor’s degree in musical theater. Years after graduating from college, she continued to hone her acting skills, and she successfully made it to the showbiz industry.

Joshua Dela Cruz’s Kids

Even though the couple has been married for six years, Joshua Dela Cruz’s wife does not want to have children yet. According to sources, maybe they are still planning how to run their family since they have different cultures and traditions.

Our team will update this article once we find more information regarding why they do not have children yet.

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