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Joseph Fiennes is Married to Wife: María Dolores Diéguez. Kids.

Image of Joseph Fiennes with his wife, María Dolores Diéguez, and their kids

Joseph Fiennes is a widely recognized English actor mainly known for his portrayals of Martin Luther in Luther (2003), William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love (1998), and Sir Robert Dudley in Elizabeth (1998), among many others. He was born Joseph Alberic Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes on the 27th day of May 1970 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, making him 52 years old.

The English actor since then has received numerous nominations and won awards such as Most Promising Actor in the 1998 Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards, Favorite Male Newcomer in the 1999 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, and Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture in the 1999 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Learn more about English actor Joseph Fiennes’ wife, María Dolores Diéguez, their lives, and their marriage over the years. Also, discover more about Joseph’s kids!

Joseph Fiennes and María Dolores Diéguez’s marriage

Image of Joseph Fiennes with his wife, María Dolores Diéguez
Joseph Fiennes with his wife, María Dolores Diéguez

At the June 2005 film festival in Taormina, María Dolores Diéguez, a Swiss model, first met the English actor. They did not have a romantic affair at first as she was in a relationship with Swiss footballer Johan Berisha.

Following her split from the Swiss football player, she was later photographed holding hands with the English actor in Los Angeles, California. The Swiss model was based in Bern, and they had a three-year long-distance relationship between Bern and London before moving in together.

On the 15th day of August 2009, they celebrated their love with a romantic wedding at the Finca Cartuleggio in Tuscany, Italy. Since their marriage twelve years ago, the couple has raised their two daughters.

The Fiennes family spends most of their time at home in Mallorca, Spain, when he is not working.

María Dolores Diéguez’s Biography

Joseph Fiennes’ wife was born on the 5th day of January 1982 in Bern, Switzerland, making her forty years old. Despite being of Spanish origin, she was born in Switzerland following her parents’ move to the country.

Her father, Gerardo, was an electrician who installed power lines, and her mother, Oigna, was a seamstress. There has been no information regarding her early education or siblings.

She studied Fine Arts at an institute in her hometown. She began her studies in economics before changing her major. Joseph Fiennes’ wife was a successful international model who finished third in the Miss Switzerland competition in 2003.

She has been a full-time model since then and has worked with a number of fashion brands and endorsement deals.

In 2004, she had a minor appearance in Durch die Blume. She has been in the photography field as well.

Joseph Fiennes’ Past Relationships

Before Joseph married his wife, he had several affairs with other women.

Catherine McCormack

His first known romance was with a British actress, dating from 1998 until 1999.

Leonie Casanova

The Zambian actress reportedly dated him in early 2003.

Joy Bryant

The American model, Joy Bryant, had a romantic connection with him for two years. They dated from August 2003 up to August 2005.

Judith Shekoni

From January 2005 to November 2005, he and the British actress had an affair.

Julie D’Arby

He dated British actress Julie D’Arby from March 2006 until April 2006.

Joseph Fiennes’ kids

Image of Joseph Fiennes with his wife, María Dolores Diéguez, and their kids
Joseph Fiennes with his wife, María Dolores Diéguez, and their kids

He has two children, both of whom are daughters of his longtime partner, María Dolores.

Sam Fiennes

She was born on the 8th day of March 2010, making Sam twelve years old today.

Isabel Fiennes

She was born on the 29th day of December 2011, a year after her older sister. Their youngest child is ten years old already.

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