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José Mourinho is Married to Wife: Matilde Faria. Kids.

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Image of José Mourinho and Matilde Faria with their kids, Matilde and Jose Mourinho, Jr.

Jose Mourinho was born in Setubal, Portugal, on the 26th of January 1963. His father is a professional football player named José Manuel Mourinho Félix, and his mother is a primary school teacher named Maria Julia Carrajola dos Santos Mourinho’s mother enrolled him at a business school, but he dropped out on the first day, claiming that he preferred to focus on sports.

He decided to pursue a degree in sports science at the Instituto Superior de Educaço Fsica (ISEF) of the Technical University of Lisbon. Jose is the current head coach of the Italian Serie. By following his father to his weekend competitions and training sessions, he learned the mechanics of the game.

He joined his father’s Belenenses youth squad in the hopes of becoming a professional football player, but after seeing his lack of power and speed, he decided to teach a team Roma instead. He is a former player and manager in the Portuguese professional football league.

He is usually considered to be one of the best finest managers of all time and one of the most decorated managers ever. He used to go by the title The Special One.

Discover all about José Mourinho’s wife, Maria Faria, relationship, and life. Also, discover more about his kids and previous relationships as you read more into this article.

José Mourinho is Married to wife, Matilde Faria since 1989

Image of José Mourinho with his wife, Matilde Faria
José Mourinho with his wife, Matilde Faria

In Setubal, Portugal, Mourinho met his wife Matilde while they were both teenagers. The Lovebirds really love each other because they withstand the test of time.

The couple decided to tie the knot way back in 1989. The specifics of what occurred and who was invited to their wedding are kept private.

There is no extra information about the couple’s wedding location. There is no additional information on where the couple got married.

That is not to worry about because once we have the details, we will update this article immediately.

José Mourinho’s Past relationships

As of now, there is no publicly available information about Jose’s previous relationships. We think that he’s got a very stable love life because he started the relationship with his wife when they were teenagers.

Given that the lovebirds started their relationship as youngsters, information about his past relationships is hard to find. We will update the data of this article once the information is in our hands.

Matilde Faria’s Biography

Matilde Faria is a humanitarian worker from Angola and Portugal. José Mourinho’s wife is also a philanthropist who works for the United Nations’ World Food Programme.

She had a very tough but winning battle with the cancer disease. José Mourinho’s wife, Matilde, was born in Angola on the 14th day of August 1965.

Not much information is known about the details of her parents. That is nothing to worry about because we will update the article’s data once the information becomes available.

José Mourinho’s Kids

Image of José Mourinho and Matilde Faria with their kids, Matilde and Jose Mourinho, Jr.
José Mourinho and Matilde Faria with their kids, Matilde and Jose Mourinho, Jr.

The Portuguese football manager has two children – 1 daughter and one son with his current girlfriend.

  1. Matilde Mourinho

She is the first child and daughter of José Mourinho to his wife, Matilde. Her mother and she have the same name.

Her birth year is unclear, but we do know she was born in 1996. We will update the article’s data once the additional information is in our hands.

  1. Jose Mario Mourinho Jr.

He is the second child and son of José Mourinho to his wife, Matilde He is a junior because he shares his father’s name. On February 2, 2000, he was born in Barcelona, Spain.

He’s a soccer player who joined Fulham in 2016 on a two-year deal.

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