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Johnny Joey Jones is Married to Wife: Meg Garrison Jones. 4 Kids.

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Image of Johnny Joey Jones with his wife, Meg Garrison

Serving in the Marines could be a difficult job, but it is nothing compared to the protection you give to your country. Johnny Joey Jones was a former U.S. Marine technical bomber.

He was born and raised in the United States on July 21, 1986, and is now 35. Johnny was very determined to finish his academics, so he worked his way up and completed his studies at Georgetown University.

The 35-year-old former U.S. Marine bomb expert had an accident in Afghanistan way back in 2010. Unfortunately, he lost both of his legs and caused damage to his right forearm.

However, he did not stop chasing his dreams and continues to inspire others by being a motivational speaker and advisor.

Indeed, it has been an incredible ride for Johnny but does he have someone he can share his hardships with? We are here to answer that question, so keep reading this Wikipedia-like article to learn more about Johnny Joey Jones’ wife, kids, and marriage.

Johnny Joey Jones has been married to his wife, Meg Garrison since 2012

Image of Johnny Joey Jones with his family
Johnny Joey Jones with his family

His loving wife is Meg Garrison. According to sources, Meg and Johnny decided to marry each other on December 30, 2012. They have been together for a few years before exchanging vows and rings.

Although the motivational speaker had a hard time living his new life without a pair of legs, Meg was there to help him get through the day. She supported what her husband wanted and assisted him in many things.

The wedding happened in Washington at Marine Corps Barracks 8th & I. Their first meeting occurred when they wear at school in Dalton in 2003. After some time, they lost contact but found a way to reconnect again.

The couple had their fair share of struggles in life, but that did not stop them from loving and caring for each other. The husband and wife were blessed with four children.

Meg Garrison’s Biography

Meg Garrison has a growing career ahead of her. She is presently working in Texas at a Boot Marketing campaign as an Applications Director.

Garrison did not give any personal information about her life, but she is estimated to be around 30 to 35 years old. Meg’s family is connected to her husband’s profession as her grandfather was a World War II Veteran.

Moreover, her father works as a lieutenant and a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. No wonder the duo clicked as they have something in common.

Johnny Joey Jones’s Kids

Image of Johnny Joey Jones' kids
Johnny Joey Jones’ kids

They say the more, the merrier in the family, and the couple just proved that right as they have four children. They did not release any information regarding the kids’ identities, but Johnny likes to post pictures of them on his Instagram account.

According to sources, Meg has a daughter from her previous relationship. Johnny had a relationship with a woman before, and they have one son. We will try to find information about the couple’s kids and update this article with more details.

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