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John Kirby is Married to Wife: Donna Kirby. Kids: Meagan McDowell

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Image of John Kirby

John Francis Kirby is the face of the Pentagon’s Press. He is almost always seen in news reports stating problems and issues that need to be addressed by the government and the armed forces.

People will often revere him because of his statute and occupation. He brought messages of chief officers to the country and those desiring to hear the government’s voice on specific issues and topics.

He is a decorated public servant, a former rear admiral of the United States Navy forces. Because of his immense knowledge in combat and arms, he was placed as the country’s Department of Defense secretary.

In addition to that, he also became former President Obama’s spokesperson between 2015 and 2017. He did not leave his post and is currently a public authority under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Who is Defense secretary John Kirby’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

John Kirby has been Married to Wife Donna Kirby since 2002

Image of John Kirby
John Kirby is a retired rear admiral in the United States Navy serving as the Press Secretary for the United States Department of Defense

Although it is not entirely confirmed when the couple got married, he and John Kirby’s wife is believed to have 20 years as husband and wife. They tied the knot when the admiral was still serving as part of the US Navy.

What started as a bond between friends turned into a life-long lasting married love story.

John Kirby’ Previous Relationships

Judging by the years, he spent on the frontlines as an armed force. It’s not surprising that he had no other partner before meeting his wife.

A loyal man with a physique, attitude, body, and a face like him is undeniably attractive.

Donna Kirby’s Biography

John Kirby’s wife, Donna, is a beautiful woman with an independent vibe within her. Her occupation and other personal details are pretty hidden from the public.

However, it is believed that she came from a decent family that supported her throughout her education and career. She is supportive of her partner, and it is rumored that he has worked in the same field as before.

John Kirby’s Kids

The lovebirds had a very loving and sweet daughter in the presence of Meagan. Sadly she has faced various problems and challenges in her life.

She is confirmed to be a patient of anorexia and struggles with depression. This raised the problem to her parents too, but their undying love and help aided her amid all her concerns.

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