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Jimmy Failla is Married to Wife: Jenny Failla. Kids.

Image of Jimmy Failla with his wife, Jenny Failla

If you watched America’s Got Talent season 8, you probably wonder who Jimmy Failla is. He is a stand-up comedian that was previously a taxi driver.

Despite being eliminated from the talent show, he continued to work in the industry, landing jobs as a writer and performer. But his debut came in 2010 when he started his radio program, Off the Meter with Jimmy Failla show.

In 2017, he was hired as the lead writer of the Kennedy Show. He also had appearances in TV shows such as Gotham Comedy Live and Comics watching Comics.

With the busy career of the comedian, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Jimmy Failla’s wife.

Jimmy Failla is Married to his Wife: Jenny Failla

Image of Jimmy Failla with his wife, Jenny Failla

Jimmy Failla with his wife, Jenny Failla

One of the rising stars of his generation, Jimmy gained a lot of followers in recent years. His talent for writing and performing makes him liked by the fans.

But many of his supporters are curious about his relationship and who is Jimmy Failla’s wife? The short answer is Jenny Failla.

She is the partner and longtime spouse of the genius comic. Their relationship started in the early 2000s.

After knowing enough about each other, they mutually decided to get married. The ceremony took place in 2006, where Jimmy and Jenny exchanged vows.

Who is Jenny Failla?

They say that being a funny man is an easy way to impress women. This is true with the case of Jimmy, as he has already found the other half of his heart.

Jimmy Failla’s wife is Jenny Failla. She gained fame after being linked with the famous taxi cab turned celebrity.

Jimmy Failla’s wife has been with him ever since his start in the comedy industry. She is said to be very supportive of the writer and likes to hear his jokes before performing them on stage.

But despite her husband’s fame, Jimmy Failla’s wife prefers being lowkey. She does not share personal information and wants to keep her privacy, especially with her son.

Jimmy Failla’s Kids

As a comedian, Jimmy has achieved heights he never imagined he could reach. He said in an interview that the secret to his success is the support he is getting from his wife and family.

The union of Jimmy and Jenny resulted in one child. The only child of the married couple is reported to be a boy.

But unfortunately, there is no available information about the kid at the moment.

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