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Jim Cornette is Married to Wife: Stacey Goff. Past Relationships

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Image of Jim Cornette with his wife, Stacey Goff

James Mark Cornette also known as Jim Cornette is a podcaster and an author from the United States of America. Previously, he worked several jobs in the industry of wrestling such as booker, color commentator, trainer, manager, agent, and a professional wrestler.

On the 17th of September 1961, the author was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His parents identified as Thelma and Doug Cornette.

His talent in writing and business were from his parents. However, his father died when he was about the age of 7.

According to the wrestler himself, he had an interest to the sport since he was young. There was a time where he climbed to their roof to install an antenna for him to be able to watch wrestling.

Are you curious about Jim Cornette’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about him including his marriage, past relationships, and controversies in this Wikipedia-type article.

Jim Cornette is Married to Stacey Goff           

Image of Jim Cornette with his wife, Stacey Goff
Jim Cornette with his wife, Stacey Goff

The love life of the multitalented personality, Jim Cornette is just as colorful as his life story. He is currently married to his second wife named Stacey Goff.

The couple has been married since 2007. According to reports, they used to date for a long time before deciding to tie the knot.

Details on how they met each other are not known to the public. However, it was already cleared by the camp of Cornette that the podcaster and his first wife separated before Stacey entered the picture.

Jim Cornette’s wife is currently living happily and low-key with the former wrestler. They have been enjoying the time of their lives travelling around the world.

Jim Cornette’s Wife. Controversies           

If you’d look up news about Jim Cornette’s wife, most of the articles are about sexual allegations against them. It occurred in 2020, when a wrestler named Phil Earley tweeted his sentiments against the couple.

According to Earley, Stacey groomed him when he was still starting as a fighter. He accused her of sending confidential pictures.

He also added that the former wrestler is alongside his wife while they ask starting fighters to perform sexual acts on her. It was obviously a harassment for the sprouting athletes.

After the brave statement of the wrestler, many of the booming wrestlers are coming forward to back the allegations up. They mentioned that they also experienced the same thing that happened to Phil.

Their allegations are backed up by proofs which made their argument stronger. Hate towards the former talent scout expanded exponentially when many of the other victims stepped forward.

There were no statements from the side of Jim and his wife. It is not clear whether the alleged groomed wrestlers pushed through the case, or they only wanted to expose the misconduct of the couple.

In an interview, they mentioned that they raised awareness to protect those who wanted to enter their field. What transpired must be avoided at all costs because it kills the flame of the enthusiastic fighters to push through their careers. 

Jim Cornette’s Past Relationship           

It is not a secret to the public that Stacey Goff is already Jim Cornette’s second wife. His first wife was named Janice Kelly Crowl.

The couple got married on the 16th of February 1987. Details about their first encounter are not published as of this writing.

However, they officially got divorced on the 1st of June 2002. Since then, news about the former couple were not publicized and they went on their separate ways happily.

After their divorce, the wrestling agent was quick to get into a relationship with Stacey Goff. Furthermore, information about the former wife was quick to disappear after the separation.

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