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Jerry Trainor is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Jessica Makinson. Past Relationships

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Image of Jerry Trainor

Gerald William Trainor, prominently known as Jerry Trainor, is a stand-up comedian, music artist, and actor hailed from the United States of America. He is most famous for portraying the role of Spencer Shay in the previously well-known sitcom iCarly

His character as Spencer gained Kids’ Choice Awards thrice. The actor played his original role again in the reboot of the teen sitcom.

The comedian was also featured in another teen sitcom entitled Drake & Josh. He was the character tagged as “Crazy” Steve.

Another series he appeared in was T.U.F.F. Puppy as the Dudley Puppy. His appearance on the said series accepted an invitation for a Daytime Emmy Award.

Read further if you want to know more about Jerry Trainor’s wife. Continue reading to discover more about his dating history. 

Jerry Trainor is Dating Jessica Makinson

Image of Jerry Trainor
Jerry Trainor is an American actor, comedian, and musician. He is known for playing Spencer Shay in the teen sitcom iCarly

Because of the actor’s skills in acting alongside his gorgeous looks, his love life is frequently searched on several online platforms. According to reports, Jerry Trainor is currently dating a girlfriend named Jessica Makinson.

It was 2008 when the rumors about the relationship of the couple started to spread like a wildfire. Moreover, they met on the set of the teen sitcom iCarly.

From there on, the couple started their long-term relationship. Confirmation regarding their first encounter was not declared by the actor himself.

The on-screen chemistry of the actors translated into an off-screen love story. They confirmed that the rumors were true, thus making their relationship officially known to the public.

They have been dating since 2008. As of 2022, they are already celebrating their 14th anniversary as a couple.

Reports about Jessica being Jerry Trainor’s wife are yet to be declared. Nevertheless, the couple’s supporters expressed their respect for the couple’s decision.

According to the comedian himself, he is not yet ready to marry until he achieves all of his dreams. Their 14-year relationship is already of a good foundation, and they are not rushing to marry.

Who is Jessica Makinson?

Image of Jessica Makinson
Jessica Makinson is an American actress, comedian, and improviser

Jessica Makinson is an actress and a comedian from the United States of America. She is also known for being the presumptive Jerry Trainor’s wife.

The actress also starred in iCarly. This is where Jessica and Jerry allegedly had their first encounter.

Aside from being a famous actress and comedian, she also does voiceovers for animated series. Moreover, she is also a player in sketching during late-night shows.

She attended Arizona State University with a degree of BA in theater. According to reports, she graduated in the year 2000.

After the completion of her degree, she immediately moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams further. The actress enhanced her skills at Improv Olympic.

The continuous improvement of the comedian was evident during the course of her career. According to sources, her voice was featured in the famous animated series entitled South Park.

Jerry Trainor’s Past Relationships

A man of looks, wit, and physique, Jerry is a definite chick magnet. According to a reliable report, he allegedly had two serious relationships before Jessica.

One of the names that stand out on the list was Hannah Stewart. It stayed as a rumor because the singer and his management did not speak about the rumor.

It was implied that Hannah only used the name of the actor to gain traction. It was a PR stunt made to put her in the limelight.

Jerry has been in a long-term relationship since 2008 with Makinson. There are times when Jessica is already addressed to be Jerry Trainor’s wife. 

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