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Jeff Hardy is Married to Wife: Beth Britt. Kids.

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Image of Jeff Hardy with his wife, Beth Britt

Jeff Hardy is one of the wrestling superstars of the 90s and the early 2000s. He is just mesmerizing to watch with heart-stopping stunts and jaw-dropping acts inside the four corners of the ring.

Because of his utmost skill and talent in wrestling, the stunt performer was dubbed by many as one of the greatest professional brawlers who stepped foot in WWE. Despite his average physique, he is an unstoppable force to reckon with, an agile and flexible fighter.

He got well-deserved recognition and praise throughout his career as an individual, but they are rockstars when working with his brother Matt Hardy. Flying high at the top ropes, the siblings are entertaining to watch, and they raked continuous and constant audiences in their matches.

Even though the athlete is not as strong as he was when he was still in his prime, he is still celebrated by spectators and fans alike. Through hardwork and dedication, he showed that millions of people could recognize someone like him, a humble and aspiring performer, all across the world.

Who is Jeff Hardy’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Jeff Hardy has been Married to Wife Beth Britt since 2011

Image of Jeff Hardy with his wife, Beth Britt
Jeff Hardy with his wife, Beth Britt

Jeff Hardy’s wife and he has quite a history of love and affection between them. Their love story goes back a decade from now, and it is evident that they have a lot of history together.

Sources state that they met each other a decade before even getting married. It is reported that Jeff Hardy’s wife met him in 1999 when he was already cementing his name as an honorable professional wrestler.

The performer courted his present wife for over 12 years before deciding that it was time to tie the knot and make it final for them officially. Photos and videos online suggest that they are now living a peaceful and happy life as husband and wife.

Jeff Hardy’s Previous Relationships

It is undeniable that the other half of The Hardy Boyz has the charisma and the prowess of a strong and confident man. So it’s no surprise that he had a rumored two relationships in the past before meeting Beth.

While his first lover’s identity is relatively unknown, the other one is believed to be a fellow professional wrestler named Mickie James. The latter spent quite a time with him back in the early days of his career, but they were meant to last together forever.

Beth Britt’s Biography

Despite the huge following that the wrestler had in his career, Jeff Hardy’s wife Beth is quite dodgy when it comes to the spotlight. There is little to no information about her since she is not the most vocal wife in Wrestling Entertainment.

However, it is believed that she is a very supportive partner of the stunt expert. When Mr. Hardy struggled with drug abuse and alcoholism issues, she stayed and kept the family together until everything became alright.

Jeff Hardy’s Kids

Image of Jeff Hardy with his kids, Ruby and Nera Hardy
Jeff Hardy with his kids, Ruby and Nera Hardy

Although the couple’s love story spans over 20 years, it is surprising to know that it is only recently that they decided to have kids of their own. They have daughters named Ruby and Nera.

Ruby was born in 2010 and is currently turning 12 years old this 2022. Their second child, Nera, was born last 2015 and turns seven years old this year.

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