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Javier Baez is Married to Wife: Irmarie Márquez. 2 Kids.

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Image of Javier Baez a Puerto Rican Professional Baseball Player playing for the Detroit Tigers

You’ve probably heard of Javier Baez, a Puerto Rican professional baseball player, if you’re a baseball fan. He is well-known for his time with the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.

Baez was known for being the two-time All-Star, and Silver Slugger Award winner was named National League Championship Series co-MVP in 2016. On December 1, 1992, Baez was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, now 29 years old.

Baseball player Gadiel Baez is his younger brother. His younger sister, Noely Baez, died in 2015 from spina bifida.

When he started college at Jacksonville University, Baez dedicated himself to the sport of baseball. Angel Luis Baez, Javier Baez’s father, died in 2010.

He greatly influenced his sons’ interest in baseball. Scouts were unimpressed with Baez in high school, but his work ethic and dedication helped him become a formidable opponent.

After the Chicago Cubs selected Baez in 2011, he made his MLB debut in 2014. Baez hit the game-winning home run on August 5, 2014, the first in his career.

Puerto Rican national team member Javier Baez secured a silver medal for his team. He is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million by 2022.

Read more about Javier Baez’s marriage, his wife, and their children.

Javier Baez is Married to wife: Irmarie Márquez

Image of Javier Baez with his wife Irmarie Marquez
Javier Baez with his wife Irmarie Marquez

Javier Baez was a fortunate man to marry his high school sweetheart. In 2019, he married his long-term girlfriend, now wife, Irmarie Marquez, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The couple currently has two children.

When they were 13 and in middle school in Puerto Rico, the couple met for the first time and became friends. When Javier returned from Florida, they fell in love and began dating. On April 11, 2018, they got engaged.

Irmarie Márquez’s Biography

Image of the Wife of the known Baseball player, Shortstop for the Detroit Tigers
Wife of the known Baseball player, Shortstop for the Detroit Tigers

Irmarie Marquez was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico on April 5, 1993. She is currently 28 years old. She was well-known for being Javier Baez’s wife and her sister, Jannieliz Marquez, married to Minnesota Twins pitcher Jose Berrios.

There is no publicly available information about Irmarie’s childhood, parents, or education. She’s a YouTuber and an Instagram influencer who posts about beauty and skincare products. Three videos are available on her YouTube channel under the name Irmarie Beauty.

Javier Baez’s Kids

Image of Javier Baez with his wife and son
Javier Baez with his wife and son

Irmarie gave birth to a baby boy named Adrian Javier on June 28, 2018. Their supporters have sent their best wishes to the couple.

They announced that Irmarie was expecting their second child in August of 2020. They welcomed Aiden Javier into the world on December 22, 2022.

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