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Jason Taylor is Married to Wife: Monica Taylor. Kids.

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Image of Jason Taylor with his wife, Monica Taylor

If you have been following the American football scene for years now, you know the man himself, Jason Taylor. Moreover, if you are looking at the names of the most famous and unique talents in the sport, you would notice that there seems to be a trend for players with Jason as their first name.

Sadly, he has retired from the sport for a decade now, but his influence and legacy in football can still be felt and seen by the new generation. The National Football League considers him to have the fourth highest fumble returns in the sport’s history, with 246.

The man played for the NFL teams like Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, and New York Jets. Freshies of those teams revere and honor him as he is one of the players that paved the way for his teams to be recognized in the big leagues.

Although he may not be seen playing in the field today, he is still influential in sports. He currently works at the collegiate level, teaching and coaching younglings to see the same success he saw during his prime.

Is Jason Taylor Married to Wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Who is Jason Taylor’s wife? Stay tuned for more!

Jason Taylor has been Married to Wife, Monica Taylor since 2020

Image of Jason Taylor with his wife, Monica Taylor
Jason Taylor with his wife, Monica Taylor

There is no denying that a 6-foot giant with a great background and a financially stable net worth would attract many women. However, he chose to be with his wife Monica amid all the ladies in town.

Jason Taylor’s wife met him during an undisclosed event, but sources state that they met through a string of social connections. They made it official by tying the knot on the 18th of August 2020.

Jason Taylor’s Previous Relationships

Before meeting Jason Taylor’s wife, the athlete is in a romantic relationship with a supermodel named Katina Taylor. The two had a short-lived but quite loving relationship.

Although the sports personality is not open to sharing the intricacies of his married life with Katina, we all know that it is quite a positive one.

Monica Taylor’s Biography

Jason Taylor’s wife’s name is no other than Monica Taylor. She is a fantastic woman with a physique and a face that is outright gorgeous and undeniably beautiful.

Although she has quite the reputation of being a known celebrity in Hollywood, there is limited information. Her husband is also quiet when sharing her details with the public.

Jason Taylor’s Kids

Image of Jason and Monica Taylor with their kids, Isaiah, Mason, and Zoey Taylor
Jason and Monica Taylor with their kids, Isaiah, Mason, and Zoey Taylor

The football player turned coach has four children, three of which came when he was still with Katina and the other when he was with Monica. His sons Isaiah and Mason and his daughter Zoey consider their father’s ex-wife their biological mom.

Even though the couple has a baby already, the name is yet to be unveiled to the masses.

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