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James Taylor is Married to Wife: Caroline “Kim” Smedvig. Past Relationships. 4 kids.

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Image of James Taylor with his partner, Caroline Smedvig

James Vernon Taylor, better known as James Taylor, is an American veteran singer-songwriter and musician. Across the world, Taylor has sold more than 100 million records, and he is one of the most famous music artists of all time. The artist has won six Grammy Awards for his work.

On March 12, 1948, Taylor was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. He is 74 years old now. Gertrude, James Taylor’s mother, was an aspiring singer before marrying Isaac, James Taylor’s father, who was a resident physician in the hospital where he was born.

When he was younger, he took cello lessons and later learned to play the guitar. Taylor wrote his first song on guitar when he was 14 years old and has continued to excel in this field with ease.

Do you want to learn more about James Taylor’s ex-wives and children? Continue reading this article to learn more!

James Taylor’s First Wife: Carly Simon

Image of James Taylor with his first wife, Carly Simon
James Taylor with his first wife, Carly Simon

Carly Simon was the first wife of James Taylor. In Simon’s New York City apartment in November of 1972, they had a small wedding ceremony.

Taylor was 24 years old when she married Simon, who was 27. They divorced in 1983 and went their separate ways. Despite their split, they were blessed with two beautiful children.

James Taylor’s Second Wife: Kathryn Walker

Image of James Taylor with his second wife, Kathryn Walker
James Taylor with his second wife, Kathryn Walker

Taylor married Kathlyn Walker, his second wife, two years after he divorced his first wife. On December 14, 1985, he married Walker at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Taylor was reportedly addicted to heroin before their marriage.

Walker has been helpful in Taylor’s battle with and recovery from drug addiction. In 1996, Taylor and Walker split up.

James Taylor’s Third wife: Caroline “Kim” Smedvig

Image of James Taylor with his third wife, Caroline Smedvig
James Taylor with his third wife, Caroline Smedvig

Taylor dated the Boston Symphony Orchestra‘s director of public relations and marketing, Caroline “Kim” Smedvig, in 1995. In 1993, they met, and two years later, they started dating. Taylor and Smedvig’s relationship resulted in Taylor’s second marriage divorce

The couple became parents to identical twins in 2000 through a surrogate. On February 18, 2001, they married at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Boston. They’re still together, and their bond has only grown stronger.

James Taylor’s Kids

Carly Simon, Taylor’s first ex-wife, had two children with him. They are Sally and Ben, and they are both musicians. Sarah Maria Taylor, also known as Sally Taylor, was born in January 1974.

She used to be a member of the indie rock band The Slip. His father mentioned her name in a song called Sarah Maria on his 1975 album Gorilla.

Taylor and Smdevig had a twin born via surrogate mother; she was said to be Taylor’s family friend. Rufus and Henry Taylor, born in April 2001, are the twins’ names.

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