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James Harrison is Married to Wife: Beth Tibbott. Kids: James Harrison III, Henry Harrison

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Image of James Harrison with his sons, James Harrison II and Henry Harrison

James Harrison was a remarkable player who cemented his name as an undisputable athlete who had set foot in football. Although he is retired right now, American football fans will never forget him as the 6-foot giant that graced the grass of the sport’s fields.

He started his love for sports when he was still in his teens. His mother does not even want him to play during that time, given all the physical injuries you risk when participating.

Regardless of his mother’s disapproval of him joining, he still pushed through and found himself having the skill and the physique to compete with the best in the sport. Having the opportunity to join the big leagues of the National Football League back in 2002, he has a long list of experience playing.

Because he has retired from the sport, he sits as a spectator, watching the new generation play it out. He contributes his expertise and knowledge in the sport by being a football analyst.

Who is James Harrison’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

James Harrison is Married to his Wife Beth Tibbott since 2019

Image of James Harrison with his wife, Beth Tibbott
James Harrison with his wife, Beth Tibbott

It is pretty familiar to many netizens that the two have continuously seen each other for over a decade now. Sources revealed that they started dating around the early 2000s since they had their first child in 2007.

They are not vocal about their romantic life, but people are quick to spot that the two had a very loving relationship before. Only the two would be able to confirm the exact date of their loving timeline, but until then, we are here to wait for it.

James Harrison’s Previous Relationships

The football star is not a stranger when it comes to love. However, there is little information regarding his previous relationships with other Hollywood stars and celebrities.

He is not open to sharing these things, so we await any further information. Because of the early onset of James Harrison’s wife and his love story, people speculate that Beth may be the athlete’s first encounter with having a fully committed romantic relationship.

Regardless, the time has been a pretty ally for the lovers’ story.

Beth Tibbett’s Biography

While the sportsman may be recognized in sports, James Harrison’s wife Beth is recognized in the courtroom. She is best known to be a defense attorney with a unique and impressive background when practicing law as her profession.

It is believed that she graduated from the Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh back in 2007 where she w, as honored to be a Juris Doctor. After which, she continued a career in law and served as an Attorney for the past decade.

James Harrison’s Kids

Image of James Harrison and Beth Tibbott's sons, James Harrison II and Henry Harrison
James Harrison and Beth Tibbott’s sons, James Harrison II and Henry Harrison

The couple’s love blossomed way back in 2007 when they had their first child named James Harrison III. He is turning 15 years old this year in 2022.

Their second child Henry was born two years after his brother and is turning 13 this year. Despite the couple’s fame in their lives, they try to shy their kids away from the public’s prying eyes to protect their innocence and privacy.

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