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ISMO is Married to Wife: Angelika Leikola

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Image of ISMO with his wife, Angelika Leikola

Ismo is a Finnish comedian well-known for his excellence in stand-up comedy. He is also a YouTuber and an author from an outsider’s point of view style.

Ismo Mikael Leikola was born on January 22, 1979. He grew up in Kuohu near Jyväskylä.

The comedian has a background in academic and scientific fields. He finished college at the University of Jyväskylä while majoring in physics.

During this time, he started his amateur stand-up comedy career in the campus bar sometime in 2002. This made him interested in the scene, and he began to get more experience in performing.

The comedian’s fame grew rapidly on the local scene. By 2003, a year after his debut, he had his part as a “correspondent for the City of Jyväskylä” on the Hyppönen-Enbuske Experience talk program.

This brought success to the comedian, and started touring around the world. Leikola has played across Scandinavia and Europe, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, and Switzerland.

His biggest success came in 2014 when the Laugh Factory’s inaugural “Funniest Person In The World” competition was won by ISMO. This made the genius comedian even more prominent in the comedy world.

With the busy career of the comedian, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the wife of Ismo Leikola.

Who is ISMO’s wife? Keep reading for more!

ISMO is Married to Wife: Angelika Leikola

Image of ISMO with his wife, Angelika Leikola
ISMO with his wife, Angelika Leikola

Ismo has the ability to pass his happiness to his audiences and the people around him. Because of this, it was not that hard to find a partner that would fit his preference.

According to sources, the well-known comedian is married to long time partner, Angelika Leikola. The lovebirds are enjoying a long relationship with a few ups and downs.

The couple moved in Los Angeles, California in 2015. It is said that their migration was because of Ismo’s Hollywood career.

Ismo and Angelika practice a lowkey relationship. Sadly because of this, the couple has not disclosed details about their relationship.

The fans of the married couple are hoping that someday, they will have a large family with children of their own.

Angelika Leikola’s Biography

Ismo is blessed to have a very supportive and helpful partner. Ismo is married to his wife, Angelika Leikola.

ISMO’s wife, Angelika Leikola, sometimes helps the comedian in writing his script and producing some of his shows. She is a hands-on wife that aims to lessen the burden to the famous comedian.

Despite the limelight focused on her husband, Angelika lives a very private life. ISMO’s wife is rarely seen in the public but always shows up when his husband has shown or performances.

Unfortunately, there are no available information about Ismo Leikola’s. We will update this once details of Angelika are revealed to the public.

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