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Is Westside Gunn Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids.

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Image of Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn became popular in the underground rap scene in 2005 due to his urban hip-hop-influenced sound and flow. By birth, his name is Alvin Lamar Worthy, but he has many aliases such as FLYGOD, Hall, W.S.G, Goldie, and of course, Westside Gunn.

His songs are heavily inspired by other big names, such as JAY-Z, a sound that became sensational during the early 2000s. His raw talent and skill made him popular with other rap artists, and he had the opportunity to expand his fanbase because of his constant collaboration.

He is still active in the music industry. Some of the names he has worked on in the past are Joey bada$$, Tyler, the Creator, and Eminem. Alvin also often collaborates with his brother Conway The Machine and cousin Benny the Butcher.

He released his album Vial Caps which contains various remixes of his and Sean Strange’s song. Are you curious about the personal life of renowned hip-hop artist Westside Gunn?

Is the rapper married? Does he have a girlfriend? We’ll answer these questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Is Westside Gunn Married to Wife?

Image of Westside Gunn
Westside Gunn is an American rapper from Buffalo, New York.

It is without no doubt that Westside is famous in the music industry. His songs have millions and millions of listens on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, with his most popular one sitting at 40 million listens.

But despite his massive influence, he has kept his personal and romantic status quiet over the years. Sources suggest that he is currently married, while some state that he is in a relationship. These rumors will remain until the man himself will not confirm or deny these things.

However, it is believed that he has two children residing with him as of the latest.

Westside Gunn’s Biography

Born in Buffalo in New York, Alvin recognizes his childhood through the songs he produces. He made his way in the underground rap scene until a record label recognized him.

He released his first album back in 2016 under the name FLYGOD. His current management signed a deal with the rapper Eminem’s record label named Shady Records.

West and his affiliates saw these as a great opportunity to further expand their influence and let their music reach bigger audiences. It was also a milestone in their home city since they were the first rappers signed by primary management from Buffalo.

He was featured in other artists’ songs and even followed his album with three more—an outstanding achievement for our humble rapper from New York.

Westside Gunn’s Kids

Despite having mixed reports regarding his love life, the rapper has two daughters, Pootie and AJ. The former is believed to be turning nine years old this year and has appeared in her father’s music video.

While the latter has turned one year old in 2022 and is often referred to by the rapper as “Westside Jr.”

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