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Is Trevor Moawad Married to Wife? Love Life.

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Image of the Author of the book for Mental Conditioning "It takes what it takes"

We often need but almost always neglect the help of an expert, a mental conditioning guru that would help us get back on our feet. And if you are a competing athlete, you may have hit a wall of discouragement that blocks you from pursuing your sport. These situations often call for help from people like Trevor Moawad.

We have all had our ups and downs. Sometimes it’s not enough for us to push ourselves and carry our problems by ourselves.  He is a former sports expert and psychological coach specializing in assisting athletes in getting their mental conditions checked.

Trevor was revered by many within the sports industry. Unfortunately, he was taken aback by a physical illness that would later take his life at 48 in September 2021.

His closest friends and colleagues have stated that cancer caused his early departure from this earth.  Many will never forget him as the “Best Mind Coach in Sports.” Is famous sports guru Trevor Moawad married to Solange Moawad?

Does the mental expert have any kids? Learn more about his personal life and family by reading the article below.

Trevor Moawad’s Biography

Image of Trevor Moawad a long time Mental Conditioning Coach
Trevor Moawad, a long time Mental Conditioning Coach

The sports coach may be a talker about anything related to his profession, but he is not vocal about sharing his personal life. Details about his ex-wife were not revealed to the public, probably out of respect for Solange.

Although cancer would take away his opportunity to enjoy the fruits of his labor, he left a legacy that would forever remain in the hearts of many athletes and sports enthusiasts.

He was a psychological expert that helped the likes of the Denver Broncos’ Russell Wilson and famed Chicago Cubs baseball pitcher Marcus Stroman. We might not know him, but for many that would listen to his masterful voice speak encouragement to them, he will be missed.

He amassed millions of dollars through speaking engagements, personal coaching, and bookselling. He has authored various books regarding taking control of the mind and speaking up about his struggles facing cancer.

Trevor Moawad’s Dating History

Image of Trevor Moawad with his wife Slonge Moawad
Trevor Moawad with his wife Slonge Moawad

For quite a few years, Trevor found solace in his former partner Solange Moawad. They would often be seen in interviews and appearances everywhere.

However, because of unforeseen circumstances, the love that brought them closer in the first place slowly faded away. And in 2015, the couple and several family members, have mutually decided to separate in court.

They filed a divorce that would officially revoke their marriage. As grim and sad as it may sound, the coach spent his last years single.

He did not venture and tried to find his particular person after his divorce from Solange. But we all know that even in the final moments, he is utterly passionate about helping and guiding those that bring pride to their country through sports.

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