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Is Kris Wu Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Kris Wu

Kris Wu is an actor, model, rapper, and past member of the best boy band of their generation, EXO. He tried his luck at entering the music industry when he auditioned for SM Entertainment, a South Korean-based entertainment company and agency, at the age of 18 and finally made it to the aforementioned boyband in 2012.

Wu released over 20 successful music singles, such as Time Boils the Rain (2014), Greenhouse Girl (2015), and Big Bowl Thick Noodle (2019). The Asian artist has undoubtedly made a lot of women fall in love. Still, we will tackle in this Wikipedia-type biography if there is a person he liked romantically, so keep reading.

Is Kris Wu Married To a Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Kris Wu
Kris Wu is a Chinese-Canadian rapper, singer, actor, record producer, and model. He is also a former member of a Korean-Chinese boy group called EXO.

Besides his triumphant career, the subject singer also made it to the headlines because of different controversies and charges that he faces: the different rumors of him being secretly married and having a toddler around 2-3 years old.

Marriage Rumors

Different sources and social media sites released an intriguing blind item about the EXO’s past member’s dating life in China. They started speculation stating that Kris Wu is not single, but he hides that he is already married and has a daughter.

Due to these claims, his fans worldwide were determined to do their investigations. After months of research, a name popped out of different articles and commentaries, Joanna Zheng.

The woman in question is 33 years old and was born on the 31st of October, 1988. She is a social media influencer and model who reportedly graduated from China’s most prestigious university, Guanghua Academy of Peking University.

The reports and claims are not proven as the performer’s agency and management are yet to confirm these rumors.

Kris Wu’s Short Biography  

Li Jiaheng at birth, he came into this world on November 6, 1990 and will turn 32 years old this 2022. He gained his first experiences in Guangdong China as he was solely raised by his mother, Stacey Yu Wu, due to his father’s absence, whose name is Li Kaiming.

He migrated to Columbia, Canada, when he reached 10 years of age. The star decided to drop his father’s last seven years later name, so he became Wu Yi Fan after he sorted out the legal procedures.

As mentioned, he joined EXO for a brief period of time, from 2012 to 2014. He remained under the same agency but chose to pursue his solo career.

Fortunately, his songs and roles garnered a lot of rewards and recognitions. Recently, Wu has been subjected to trial in court because he allegedly assaulted his minor fans after promising them of exclusive VIP access, because of this, he lost all of his endorsement and television contracts, and is sentenced to spend 10 years of his life behind bars.

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