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Is Keith Washington Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Keith Washington

Many artists in the music industry have intriguing relationships with their partners, which we will discuss. Keith Washington is a famous songwriter, singer, producer, and actor.

The singer rose to fame when he collaborated with Kylie Minogue in 1991. They co-composed If You Were With Me Now.

The two did not expect their collaboration to reach number 23 in Minogue’s native Australia and four on the UK Singles Chart. Washington also made appearances as an actor in television programs, including General Hospital, where he played the role of Keith Jasper, and Poetic Justice, where he was assigned to play the role of Dexter, a hairdresser.

He is still active in the industry and signed with record labels like Qwest Records and MCA Records. With all the controversies surrounding the famous singer, did he manage to find a new partner?

Keep reading this article because we have the answer to that question. We also have more information about the life of Keith Washington, his wife, partner, past relationships, and biography.

Is Keith Washington Married to Wife? Dating History. 

Image of Keith Washington
Keith Washington is an American R&B vocalist from Detroit

The songwriter encountered many people in his life throughout his entire career. Moreover, it is reported that he has been in two marriages, but none of them worked out.

Keith had a romantic relationship with a woman named Marsha Jenkins. People saw them as happy couples and good role models to the community.

However, the former couple’s fans did not notice that they already had problems during their marriage. Washington and Jenkins had been together for 14 years until they decided to end it because of the infidelity of the recording artist.

Marsha told the media that keeping her journal made her survive the tragic situation she experienced with Keith and described their relationship as an unhappy marriage. After they divorced, a few years later, Washington married Stephanie Grimes.

This time, people already doubted their relationship because of what the singer did to his former wife. However, Keith and Stephanie maintained a healthy relationship, but problems arose between them.

Several media outlets are claiming that Stephanie is already labeled as the former wife of the producer. The two separated, but there were no statements from them.

They also did not disclose any information on why they decided to end their marital relationship even though people last saw them happy.

Keith Washington’s Biography

The renowned singer was born in Detroit, Michigan, the United States, on November 15, 1960, and he is now 61. He had produced a few studio albums, including You Make It Easy, Make Time for Love, and KW.

Music lovers also loved the singles of Keith, including Are You Still in Love with Me, When You Love Somebody, Stay in My Corner, and Bring It On. In the Grammy Awards, he was nominated for the category Best R & R&B Vocal Performance Male in the Grammy Awards and won the Best R & R&B/Soul Single-Male of the Soul Train Music Award in 1992.

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