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Is Karlous Miller Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids. Past relationships.

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Image of Karlopus Miller with his son, Austin Miller

Comedy entertainment is composed of people who are fast thinkers and have unique ways of making people laugh. Karlous Miller is an example of these people, and he is an actor, American entertainer, and rapper.

Karlous was discovered when he started performing in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from being an actor, he also loves to talk, which is why his podcast named The85Southshow became a successful podcast, and he also became a cast member of Wild ‘n Out, an improv series.

When people enter a relationship, it is not just about looks and personality matters. So does Karlous Miller has successfully attracted a partner with his jokes and incredible humor?

Keep reading this article because we will discuss more information about the comedian’s wife, previous relationships, and biography.

Is Karlous Miller Married to Wife? Dating Rumors. 

Image of Karlous Miller

Karlous Miller is an American comedian, actor, and rapper.

Many rumors have been that the comedian sees someone right now but in private. According to sources, the rapper is not in a romantic relationship with any person right now, and there is no truth to the rumors.

People assume that he wants to have a break from entering commitments because maybe he still has not moved on from his previous relationship. In addition, it seems like he is enjoying the party’s life.

He loves going to events and socializing with fellow artists.

Karlous is also utilizing the opportunities given to him, whether in the comedy, acting, or music industry. If there are things in his life that are growing, it is his bashers since he is in line with insult comedy.

Nobody wants to be used for a joke, especially about insecurities, but Miller does not mean his jokes, and those are for his shows only. Moreover, even if he has performed in many places, love cannot seem to find its way to him.

There was no available information if he had been seeing a special someone. Our team will update this article once he decides to disclose more details regarding his love life.

Karlous Miller’s Past Relationships

Image of Karlous Miller with his former partner, Ashima Franklin

Karlous Miller with his former partner, Ashima Franklin

The popular entertainer has been in a relationship with one woman, Ashima Franklin. They were happy through the years and were even blessed with one child.

Unfortunately, like every relationship, struggles and conflicts occur that could result in separation, and this is what exactly happened to Karlous and Ashima. The problems were too strong for them, and they did not find a way to survive the conflicts.

The couple had one child named Austin, and he was born in 2008. Despite their separation, the two have a healthy relationship with each other for the sake of their son, and they set up co-parenting, which they find an excellent way to find time with their child.

Karlous Miller’s Biography

Karlous Miller was born in Oxford, Mississippi, the United States, on April 2, 1983, and he is now 39. He has made various appearances in television series and films, including Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes?, Last Comic Standing, All Def Comedy, and DeMarcus Cousins Presents Boogie’s Comedy Slam.

He was born in a huge family and had five siblings. Before pursuing the life of a comedian, he once became a firefighter before moving to Atlanta in 2005 to be a stand-up entertainer.

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