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Irv Cross is Married to Wife: Lizz Cross. Kids.

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Image of Irv Cross

Irvin Acie Cross, commonly known as Irv Cross, was a former football player and sportscaster from the USA. He was selected for the Pro Bowl twice while playing cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League.

Irv made history as the first African-American sports expert to appear on national television while working for CBS. Irv was one of the original co-hosts of the football television program “The NFL Today.”

Cross was taken by Philadelphia Eagles in the seventh round of the 1961 NFL Draft, following his time spent playing college football for the Northwestern Wildcats. Irv spent six of his nine seasons in the NFL with the Eagles.

After being acquired by the Los Angeles Rams, he suited up for the team for three years before being dealt back to the Philadelphia Eagles, where he finished his playing career. Read more about Irv Cross’ Wife, Lizz Cross, her biography, their kids, and is Irv Cross dead?

Irv Cross and Lizz Cross’ married life.

Image of Irv Cross

Irv Cross was an American professional football player and sportscaster.

During an interview, Cross mentioned Elizabeth as the person who inspired him to pursue a career in sports. He stated that his wife was the one who persuaded him to accept the position, claiming that she was the one who pushed him to do so.

She encouraged him to follow his dreams and become a spot manager by telling him that he had always envisioned himself in that role, so why not do it? Irv Cross’ wife said that throughout her entire life, she was the only person of color in the classrooms where she taught, and Lizz admits that she worried about how their children would be accepted because they had a unique perspective on the world.

She also mentions that they accept people fairly. Regrettably, the public does not have access to much information regarding their married life.

Lizz Cross’ Biography

Elizabeth Tucker, commonly known as Lizz Cross, is an entrepreneur from the USA. Lizz is also known as the wife of the former football player Irv Cross. Unfortunately, Irv Cross’ Wife’s exact date of birth and age is unavailable, but she is speculated to be 61 to 66 years old.

There is also no information about her parents and how many siblings she has on the internet.

Was Irv Cross married to an ex-wife or has an ex-girlfriend? 

Yes, he was married to his ex-wife, but her information is not available to the public. But is known that they have two kids together; however, their identities are also unavailable.

Because Irv doesn’t talk much about her, there isn’t much information available regarding their relationship.

Irv Cross’ Kids 

 I. Susan Cross

 She is the daughter of the former football player Irv Cross and his wife, Lizz. Unfortunately, there is no public information about Susan’s birth date and age.

II. Sandra Cross

 She is the daughter of Irv Cross and his wife, Lizz. Just like her sister, there is also no information about Sandra’s birthdate and age available to the public.

Is Irv Cross Dead?

In 2018, Irv was sadly informed by his doctor that he was suffering from a minor type of dementia. He had a hunch that the disease, coupled with his migraines, neck discomfort, and backaches, was due to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which was brought on by the concussions he had sustained while he was playing professional football. 

Irv passed away on February 28, 2021, at the age of 81, at a hospital in North Oaks, Minnesota, which was located close to his residence in Roseville. The reason for death was a heart ailment. After his passing, he made the necessary arrangements for his brain to be sent to the CTE Center at Boston University.

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