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Ice-T Wife Coco Austin Age, Net Worth, Facts

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Ice T with wife Coco Austin

Tracy Lauren Marrow, popular as Ice-T, started his career as an underground rapper. Today, he is a well-recognized American rapper, actor, songwriter, and producer. In earlier days, Ice-T joined the army but was suspended. He then involved himself in the robbery but eventually left the criminal activities when he and his friend were caught. His friend took all the charges upon himself, giving Ice-T the freedom to grow himself as a rapper.

This article talks about Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin, famous for her uniqueness in the model industry, and dig into their relations, controversies, and net worth.

Ice T and Wife, Coco Austin

The wife of Ice-T, Coco Austin, 5’2” model, aged 42, is a famous glamour model, actress, and web personality. She started her career at 18 years of age as a model for calendar and catalogs videos. Furthermore, the model appeared on Swimwear Illustrated in 1997 and won Miss Ujena in 1998. She also made several appearances in R-rated films and TV shows. Ice-T met Coco in a music set in 2001. There, he complimented the gorgeous lady and asked her out for a date.

Before the duo met each other, Ice-T already had two unsuccessful relations with a child in each relationship. Similarly, Coco also had a failed relationship. Even though they have a massive 20 years age difference, it seemed as if fate brought them together. At first, it looked as if the gangster rapper, Ice-T, known for his hard-hitting lyrics and model Coco might not fit as a stable couple. However, their chemistry worked out with each other balancing all the odds between them.

Ice T with his wife Coco Austin
American rapper, actor, songwriter, and producer, Ice T with his wife Coco Austin.

Ice-T and his wife went on their first date two weeks after meeting each other. Following that, the couple’s chemistry was all set, and they started meeting frequently. Finally, in December 2002, they committed to marrying each other. Their marriage went so smoothly that they even organized renewed wedding vows in the Hollywood ceremony. They premiered the wedding in the reality show Ice Loves Coco.

Coco Blamed of Cheating

Even though everything seemed perfect most of the time, there had been an instance when the duo suffered criticism in 2013. A rumor spiraled up that Coco was cheating Ice with an Oakland rapper.  The rapper told the Star magazine that he and Coco had unprotected sexual intercourse. Not stopping at this point, he further worsened the case by publicly exposing the picture of Coco and him hugging and Cuddling. He even posted a topless picture of Coco.

Following the incident, Ice-T made a social media post expressing his sadness. The news of the couple getting a divorce spread across the internet. However, later both the couple clarified that they were happily moving on with their relationship. Thus, through all their ups-downs, they held each other’s back. In an interview, Ice T stated that they never thought about breaking up.

Welcomed New Baby Girl

After all these shakings and rumors, the couple finally treated fans with good news. They announced their newly born daughter, Channel Nicole Marrow, as the third member in their family in 2015. Ice-T described his daughter as cute and clever with very fatherly happiness on his face.

American rapper, Ice T with his wife and their baby girl
American rapper, Ice-T with his wife and their baby girl named Channel Nicole Marrow.

Coco Austin Net Worth and Wiki

The 5’2′ model appeared on calendars and magazines before marrying the American rapper. Additionally, Television shows like The Dr. Oz Show, Hip Hop Wives, and Law & Order: Special Victims Units featured her. After marriage, the couple started their reality show Ice Loves Coco in 2011, which ran for three seasons.

Coco even started Coco’s world, where she shares fitness tips, premium content for paid users, and blogs related to dresses. There, she also promotes certain brands. As of 2021, Coco’s net worth is about $5 million. However, she also shares the massive $60 million net worth of her rapper husband, Ice-T.

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