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Is Hassan Campbell Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Hassan Campbell

Hassan Campbell, also known by his nickname Poppy, is a YouTube star with over 400 thousand subscribers. There is no information on the public about Hassan’s parents, siblings, or educational background. 

However, it is known that he was raised in a dysfunctional family where he was exposed to both poverty and addiction to drugs and alcohol. He claims that he was abused as a child while living in the Bronx River Houses with his mother, five of his siblings, and his mother herself.

He claims that he has two primary objectives as a YouTube content creator. The first objective is to provide his audience with news from a reliable source. The second objective is to produce a space in which he can encourage conversations by involving anyone dealing with issues relating to family, politics, and the street.

Read more to find out if the YouTube star Hassan Campbell’s wife is married? His ex-wife, and does he have kids?

Is Hassan Campbell Married to Wife?

Image of Hassan Campbell
Hassan Campbell is one of today’s known YouTube content creators. He talks about politics, music, life, and more on his channel.

It is speculated that Hassan Campbell does not have a partner at the moment due to the fact that he recently divorced his wife, Lee Campbell, and the reason for this is unknown at this time. It is reasonable to conclude that the YouTube star does not currently have a partner and is currently single since there is no evidence to be discovered on the internet to prove that Hassan is married to anyone or that he has a girlfriend.

Read more to find out about Hassan’s ex-wife, as we will talk about it below. 

Hassan Campbell was Married to ex-wife Lee Campbell from 1997 to 2022

The YouTube star had a lovely wife named Lee Campbell, and they were married for a long time. Despite this, on March 31, 2021, a YouTube video claimed that the pair was no longer a couple and had ended their marriage after more than 25 years of marriage.

They have children together due to their marriage, although the exact number of those children is unknown. In the video, he explained why his ex-wife Lee was finally leaving him after such a protracted period.

The scenario developed as a result of someone disclosing certain information about his wife to the child protective services and informing them of it. Even though he is seen in the video denying the charges of violence and child abuse, he has been accused of both. You can find the video here.

Hassan Campbell’s Kids

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding Hassan’s children that can be found anywhere in the public domain. However, because of a post uploaded on YouTube, we assume that Hassan has four children because it is evident in that video that he does. If you are interested, you can watch that video right here.

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