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Hannah Roberts Married to Wife: Kelsey Miller.

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Image of Hannah Roberts with her wife, Kelsey Miller

Hannah Roberts is a professional American BMX freestyle cyclist. Her interest to BMX riding started when she nine years old.

Brett Banasiewicz, her cousin, was a prominent American BMX rider who trained her. Roberts raced for the first time in a BMX event in 2012.

In 2017, she was the awarded as the World Champion for winning the FISE World Series which took place in Chengdu, China. In November of 2019, Roberts won her second global BMX title.

She won silver in BMX freestyle alongside with her being the first American who certified in the 2020 Sumer Olympics. She was delivered into this world in South Bend, Indiana.

She was raised in Buchanan, Michigan and it is also where she finished High School in a local academy. Learn more about Hannah Roberts’ wife and controversy by reading this article.

Hannah Roberts is married to her wife: Kelsey Miller

Image of Hannah Roberts with her wife, Kelsey Miller

Hannah Roberts with her wife, Kelsey Miller

Kelsey Miller is Hannah Roberts’ partner, with whom she married in January of 2021. According to a source, the couple got engaged on November 26, 2020, and within five months of their engagement, Hannah announced their wedding on Instagram.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympic champion and her wife Kelsey married in a small ceremony but want to have a much larger event in the future.

Hannah Roberts’ controversy

A lot of renowned competitions has welcomed the LGBTQ community members into the platform, hence stirring controversies on where they should be categorized given that they take special hormone-inducing medicines, and it would not be just for those who are aligned with their birth-assigned gender. Roberts’ sexuality has caused a controversy, with many people questioning whether she is gay or transgender.

Because she dresses in a boyish fashion, such an assumption has been made. Hannah is most likely a lesbian, and she is married to Kelsey Miller, her lover turned wife.

According to an article in VitalBMX, the racer has had few objections because if she was born a man, she has a male hormone, which would be unfair to other female riders competing alongside her. Despite this, Roberts has remained silent on whether such claims are true.

Kelsey Miller Biography

Hannah has kept a lot of information about her wife under wraps. Despite this, she has stated that her wife has been incredibly supportive of her forthcoming Olympic debut and has thanked her for assisting her in being adequately prepared for one of life’s most important athletic events.

Furthermore, because she keeps her Instagram and other social media accounts private, there is not much information about her relationship. 

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