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Greg Evigan is Married to Wife: Pamela Serpe. Kids.

Image of Greg Evigan with his wife, Pamela Serpe

Gregory Ralph Evigan, commonly known as Greg Evigan, is a renowned actor from the USA. After starting his career on Broadway in the production of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” he went on to star in a stage adaptation of the musical “Grease,” in which he was cast as the lead character Danny Zuko.

After making his debut in the crime film “Scorchyin 1976, Evigan was cast in the lead role of the action-comedy television series “B. J. and the Bear,” in which he played between the years 1979 and 1981. Throughout the 1980s, Evigan continued to appear as a guest performer on a variety of other television series.

It was not until 1987 that he was cast as the lead role of Joey Harris in the sitcom television series “My Two Dads,” which ran from 1987 through 1990. Read more to know the well-known actor Greg Evigan’s Wife, Pamela Serpe, and their married life and kids.

Greg Evigan and Pamela Serpe’s Married life

Image of Greg Evigan with his wife, Pamela Serpe
Greg Evigan with his wife, Pamela Serpe

Since 1973, Greg has been happily married to his wife Pamela Serpe, and their love has only grown stronger over the years. On June 3, 1979, the couple exchanged vows in front of family and friends, and almost exactly half a century later, they became parents to their children, Vanessa, Jason, and Briana Evigan.

Greg is recognized as a low-key man because he has not shared any information about his marital life with his wife, Pamela. This contributes to Greg’s reputation as a man who keeps to himself.

Regrettably, there is no information on the public about how they came to know each other or when they made the decision to become a couple. Despite this, the famous actor Greg and his wife Pamela became even more attached to one another.

Up until this point, there has been no talk regarding the split between the two people. And despite the passage of time, there is no indication that the couple’s marriage will ever end up failing.

Pamela Serpe’s Biography

Pamela Serpe is an actress, dancer, and the wife of actor Greg Evigan. Greg Evigan’s Wife was raised in Brookville, New York, the United States, by his parents, Jane Dorothy Johnstone (mother) and Ralph B. Serpe (father); and was born on January 16, 1950, and this year, she turned 72 years old.

Greg Evigan’s Wife is known for being in the action blaxploitation film “Three the Hard Way,” a blaxploitation horror film “Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde,” and the French comedy film “Girl on the Road.”

Greg Evigan’s Kids

Image of Greg Evigan with his wife, Pamela Serpe, and their daughters, Vanessa and Briana Evigan
Greg Evigan with his wife, Pamela Serpe, and their daughters, Vanessa and Briana Evigan

 I. Vanessa Evigan

 She is the eldest child of the renowned actor Greg and his wife, Pamela. Vanessa was born on March 18, 1981; this year, she turned 41.

II. Jason Evigan

 He is the middle child and the only son of Greg Evigan and his wife, Pamela. Jason was born on June 10, 1983, and just recently turned 39 years old.

III. Briana Evigan

 She is the youngest daughter of Greg and his wife, Pamela. Brianna was born on October 23, 1986, and will turn 36 years old this year.

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