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Gilbert Arenas’ Ex-Wife: Laura Govan. Kids.

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Image of Gilbert Arenas and his ex-wife, Laura Govan with their kids, Aloni, Izela, Alijah, and Hamiley

Gilbert Jay Arenas JR. was a professional basketball player that played in the NBA. He was known for his time with the Washington Wizards.

The basketball player entered the draft in 2001. He was acquired by the Golden State Warriors after his time at the University of Arizona.

Gilbert was an NBA All-Star three times. His success in basketball came in with the Washington Wizards when he moved to the team in 2003.

He spent seven years with the team and left after a firearms incident and a few other controversies. Arenas were nicknamed Agent Zero after a fan called him that.

He went on to play for other teams and eventually played in the  Chinese Basketball Association. Zero was acquired by the Shanghai Sharks in the 2012-2013 season.

Curious about the basketball player’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Gilbert Arenas’ wife and relationship status.

Gilbert Arenas’ Ex-Wife: Laura Govan

Image of Gilbert Arenas with his ex-wife, Laura Govan
Gilbert Arenas with his ex-wife, Laura Govan

The basketball star was excellent on and off the court. His off-court endeavors included dating and partying.

Because of this, Agent Zero quickly found love. Gilbert Arenas previously got engaged to his ex-wife, Laura Govan.

He asked for Laura’s hand in marriage in September of 2008. Unfortunately, the two did not continue the relationship.

Rumors spread that Gilbert was accused of cheating and sleeping with other women. The back and forth bickering lead to their inevitable breakup.

The ex-couple parted ways in 2014. Even though they split, they still did not lose their love for their children.

Laura Govan’s Biography

Agent Zero’s ex-wife is a star on her own. Gilbert Arenas’ ex-wife is Laura Govan.

The ex-partner of Gilbert spent most of her childhood in Oakland, California. She said that she had a rough youth because of her parents’ strict and stern personality.

Laura is an actress and appeared on television multiple times. The ex-fiancee of the basketball star also starred in Basketball Wives LA’s season 1 and season 2.

Despite her showbiz identity, Laura also finished her studies. The lovely actress took up Bachelor’s in International Business the New Mexico State University.

While studying, Govan also was an athlete. Laura played basketball throughout her high school and college, which made her a full scholar because of her skills.

Gilbert Arenas’ Kids


Image of Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan's kids, Aloni, Izela, Alijah, and Hamiley
Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan’s kids, Aloni, Izela, Alijah, and Hamiley

The basketball player is one kid away from having a basketball team in his family. Gilbert and Laura have four kids from their relationship.

The four children are Aloni, Izela, Alijah, and Hamiley. All of Agent Zero’s kids are interested in basketball.

Gilbert also appeared in an episode of No Chill alongside his son, Alijah. The two discussed basketball and their life together.

The large family spends time outside the court. They are often seen together in public while enjoying each other’s company.

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