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George Hill is Married to Wife: Samantha Garcia. Kids: Zayden, Zoe.

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Image of George Hill with his wife, Samantha Hill

George Jesse Hill Jr, professionally known as George hill, is a well-known basketball player. He is one of the famous players in the NBA and currently playing for Milwaukee Bucks.

In his university days, George gained awards such as “Summit League Player of the Year.” The well-known basketball player George used to be in San Antonio Spurs for three years before being traded to Indiana Pacers.

The well-known basketball player George Hill spent five years with Indiana Pacers and was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers; with the Cleveland Cavaliers, George made it to the NBA finals in 2018

. In 2020, George was traded to Oklahoma City Thunder and was traded back to the Philadelphia 76ers in 2021. As of 2022, George is currently playing for Milwaukee Bucks.

Read this article further to discover the relationship details of The well-known basketball player George Hill. His wife, Samantha Garcia, and their kids. Find out by reading this article.

George Hill has been married to his wife Samantha Garcia since 2018


Before marrying, George Hill and his wife Samantha Garcia were in a long-term relationship. George and Samantha Hill had their first child, Zayden Jaxon Hill, on January 26th, 2016.

George, a well-known basketball star, was overjoyed by the news, and two years later, he and his wife Samantha Garcia welcomed a second child, Zoe Jessi Hill.

The well-known basketball star George and his wife, Samantha Garcia, married on August 13th, 2018.

Samantha Garcia’s Biography

Samantha Garcia, the well-known basketball player George’s wife, is an author and the mother of two children, Jayden and Zoe.

Unfortunately, no more details about her life, such as her age, birthdate, parents, work, or early years, are available.

Don’t worry; we will update this article if new information becomes available.

George Hill’s Kids


I. Zayden Jaxon Hill

He is the only son of the well-known basketball player and his wife, Samantha Garcia. Zayden Jaxon was born on the 26th of January 2016 and is currently six years old.

II. Zoe Jessi Hill
She is the only daughter of the well-known basketball player and his wife, Samantha. Zoe Jessi was born on the 4th of January 2018 and is currently four years old.

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