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Garrett Haake is Married to Wife: Sara Murray. Kids.

Image of Garrett Haake with his wife, Sara Murray

Garrett Haake is a prominent television figure as a news anchor on the NBC news channel. As a news journalist, he has climbed up the ladder of fame.

Being a newbie journalist, he was tasked to cover the current issues such as covid, elections, and the present world status. Because of his expertise, people were quick to notice and follow him on his journey as a newscaster.

With regards to his academics, he is also an excellent student who graduated the Klein High School in 2003 as an achiever. Not long after, he took Journalism as his college degree at Southern Methodist University, which is located in Dallas.

Being a new face in the industry, many people are curious about Garrett Haake’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about his marriage, wife, and kids.

Garrett Haake is Married to Sara Murray

Image of Garrett Haake with his wife, Sara Murray
Garrett Haake with his wife, Sara Murray

He is admired by a lot of people because of his looks and skills. That is why people are genuinely curious about Garrett Haake’s wife. He is one proud husband of the lady who owns the title of Garrett Haake’s wife.

She was identified to be under the name of Sara Murray, who is also in the field of news reporting. The couple had their first encounter when they attended Mitt Romney’s camping trail.

The first time they met was brief, but they made their way to meet after the said camping. During the time that they were apart, they made sure to get to know more about each other through an online exchange of words.

Furthermore, their second encounter is already as boyfriend and girlfriend. In Thanksgiving 2015, the anchor proposed to Garrett Haake’s wife in the presence of the news correspondent’s family.

Garrett’s plan when smooth when he asked his then-girlfriend about being together for the entirety of their lives. According to sources, it was all planned for the NBC reporter to be assigned to the prayer, and that is where he pops the question.

Fortunately, Sara said yes to her long-term girlfriend. Their wedding occurred two years after the proposal in 2017.

The couple chose Austin, Texas, as the location of their wedding ceremony. It was reportedly graced by the presence of their immediate family and friends.

Their wedding is away from controversies and dramas because they chose to live privately despite their work being very public. According to Garrett Haake’s wife, it is for their safety because they cover all sorts of things in the industry.

Who is Sara Murray?

Sara Murray is prominently known as Garrett Haake’s wife. However, she had already established herself in the industry of newscasting as a CNN political correspondent even before they met.

Sharing the same passion as her husband, their bond has been strengthened throughout the years. People are amazed that they have managed not to be included in any controversies given the line of their careers.

Garrett Haake’s Kids

Not long after their marriage, Garrett Haake’s wife birthed a baby girl. However, her name and details were not disclosed to the public as of this writing.

As parents, they want to protect their children from the harsh world as much as they can. They mentioned that their job could put their daughter at risk, and they would not allow that.

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