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Frank Bollok is Married to Wife: Kristell Mapelli. Kids

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Image of Frank Bollok with his wife, Kristell Mapelli

Frank Bollok is an entrepreneur and a famous television personality from Hungary. He celebrates his birthday every 17th of October with an undisclosed birth year.

His business venture is named The Twilight Lodge, which was established in 2008. He does not settle on being an entrepreneur but also works full-time as a manager of Bob’s Discount Furniture.

Are you curious about Frank Bollok’s wife? Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his new wife, ex-wife, and kids.

Frank Bollok is Married to Kristell

Image of Frank Bollok with his wife, Kristell Mapelli

Frank Bollok with his wife, Kristell Mapelli

Being a famous personality from a TV show, people are curious about Frank Bollok’s wife. He does not shy away from the fact that he is already committed to a marital relationship.

According to the source, the lovely lady who currently holds the title of Frank Bollok’s wife is Kristell Mapelli. The couple has been married for four years since 2018.

Details about their first encounter are not disclosed to the media in this writing. Being private persons, they have also kept their mouths shut about their wedding.

The only detail revealed about the couple’s marriage is their date of union, which occurred on the 21st of December in 2018. However, it was known that the wedding was attended by their immediate family and friends.

The partnership of the duo has not been subjected to any controversies. It was due to their preference to stay private despite the TV personality’s life of work.

Frank Bollok’s wife was rumored to be the reason for the previous Frank Bollok’s wife and the entrepreneur’s breakup. Nonetheless, it was debunked by both parties and said that their divorce is a mutual decision and there is no third party involved.

Frank Bollok’s Ex-Wife

Image of Frank Bollok's ex-wife, Darcey Silva, and their daughters, Aniko and Aspen

Frank Bollok’s ex-wife, Darcey Silva, and their daughters, Aniko and Aspen

There was a previous Frank Bollok’s wife under the name Darcey Silva. The couple was married in 2006 with no further details disclosed.

According to the previous Frank Bollok’s wife, their separation is because they have grown apart and felt like they are not each other’s soulmates. She also mentioned that happiness is a virtue and that everyone is entitled to it.

Darcey joined 90-Day fiancé which dragged her kids with Frank into the limelight. She was involved with a man named Georgi Rusev.

A show entitled Darcey and Stacey has been aired as hosted by the previous Frank Bollok’s wife and her sister. They had an episode where Darcey and Georgi exchanged words to the point of breaking up, but it seemed like it did not occur because they were spotted publicly in 2021.

Frank Bollok’s Kids

Image of Frank Bollok with his son

Frank Bollok with his son

Having gone through marriage twice, Frank already has three children under his name. He has two daughters with his previous wife and a son with his present wife.

The name of Frank Bollok’s daughters is Aspen and Aniko. Further details about them were not disclosed for the public’s knowledge.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur mentioned that he has a good bond with his daughters despite the divorce. They frequently go out during their free days, which strengthens their relationship.

Moreover, Frank Bollok’s wife was birthed to a baby boy whose name is not disclosed for the public’s knowledge. However, the proud parents are openly sharing about their son on their respective social media accounts.

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