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Flavor Flav is Married to Wife: Liz Trujillo. Kids.

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Image of Flavor Flav with his wife, Liz Trujillo, and their son, Karma Drayton

Flavor Flav is an American rapper that started his rise by rapping about political topics. He performed with a co-member of the rap duo Public Enemy,  Chuck D.

William Jonathan Drayton Jr. was born on March 16, 1959. He grew up in the streets of Roosevelt, New York.

Flav learned to play the piano by himself and began playing when he was five years old. He was part of his church’s youth choir, where he sang and learned to play the drums and guitar at a young age.

His rose to the mainstream came with his part in the Public Enemy duo. The flavor was the hype man of Chuck D.

He spent most of his career with the group, but in 2020, Public Enemy and Flavor Flav parted ways. The rapper also had an acting career.

Flav appeared in multiple tv-series and reality shows. One of which is the Flavor of Love, where he went to look for his soulmate.

The rapper also has different businesses. He owns multiple restaurants all over the country.

Curious about the celebrity’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Flavor Flav’s wife: Liz Trujillo, and their relationship.

Flavor Flav is Married to his Wife Liz Trujillo

Image of Flavor Flav with his wife, Liz Trujillo
Flavor Flav with his wife, Liz Trujillo

Flavor Flav has been an eyecatcher to women ever since the beginning of his career. Because of this, the rapper dated many women during his heyday.

But Flavor Flav is currently married. The American rapper is the partner of reality tv actor Liz Trujillo.

The couple has enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship. Flav and Liz met when they were filming the reality tv show entitled Flavor Flav.

In its third season, Flavor asked the hand of Liz for marriage. The two tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony attended by their family and friends.

Even though the couple has shared their love for each other, their relationship is not smooth as others may think. In 2012, the rapper was imprisoned after threatening the son of Liz.

It is said that the rapper and Flavor Flav’s wife were in an argument while tension rose. Then, Flav used a knife to threaten Liz’s teenage son.

Despite this, the two still managed to mend the wound in their relationship. The lovebirds appeared in many shows, such as Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC.

Flavor Flav’s Kids

Image of Flavor Flav with his son, Karma Drayton
Flavor Flav with his son, Karma Drayton

Flavor Flav and Liz Trujillo have had a peculiar relationship. Despite their differences, they share a common goal: the love for their son.

The little boy was introduced to the world in 2007. He was named Karma Drayton.

Flavor Flav’s wife takes care of their son while the rapper works. Aside from Flav’s celebrity career, the family lives a private life away from the limelight.

Unfortunately, there is no available information about their son. We will update this once details of their kid are revealed to the public.

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