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FaZe Jev is Married to Wife: Alexis Eugene. Kids.

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Image of FaZe Jev with his wife, Alexis Eugene

FaZe Jev is one of the most prominent members of the Esports gaming organization known as FaZe Clan. Fans commonly refer to him through his nickname, but it is not his real name, as others would say.

Born Jason Eugene, he made rounds as a YouTuber and a content creator. His videos often revolve around playing and commentating on games, specifically video games from the Call of Duty franchise.

He may be a part of the known organization, but he is no esports athlete. He raises the team’s popularity and boosts his own by being in the group.

Despite this, it is not easy when playing his most beloved game. His constant pumped-out videos on his account show how entertaining and skilled FaZe Jev is.

Who is the partner of FaZe Jev’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

FaZe Jev is Married to Wife Alexis Eugene since 2020

Image of FaZe Jev with his wife, Alexis Eugene
FaZe Jev with his wife, Alexis Eugene

It was not a surprise that the couple announced that they were getting married, let alone being called Mr. and Mrs. This is because people went nuts ever since they met, especially during the time that the man himself announced their relationship.

For some reason, because of his sudden announcement of them being together in 2016, people instantly threw hate toward them. The people that have directed verbal and cyber insults and attacks on them are mainly composed of fanboys and fangirls.

Those assaults did not last long because they did not show any sign of stopping amid all the backlash they’ve received during their relationship. The love between the two was more substantial than all of the hate that they’d received.

And so, in a Tweet posted by FaZe Jev’s wife, she told the whole world that she has finally leveled up from being a fiancé to being a wife. People quickly caught on FaZe Jev’s wife’s post and congratulated them for a smooth sailing wedding day.

FaZe Jev Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

There is no denying that gamers are dying to get an excellent partner for life, just like how James did it. However, it might be plausible to see and know that even though that was the case, the internet personality is rumored to have relationships in the past.

It was neither confirmed nor denied that the gamer had been in any relationships before meeting Alexis. But it’s a possibility that should not be crossed out entirely.

Alexis Eugene’s Biography

FaZe Jev’s wife is also quite the personality on the internet. She is also a content creator and a video game streamer like her husband.

No wonder the two have clicked because their interests in content creation and video games are just the same. She is of Caucasian descent, born on the 22nd day of September 1996.

She streams her gameplay on the popular live streaming website known as Twitch. Moreover, she is a fan of various games, especially League of Legends, Friday the 13th, and Call of Duty.

Alexis Eugene’s Biography

Even though they are already spending two years of their amazing married life, The couple is yet to have kids of their own. They are happy to be fur parents for their pet cats and dogs that they consider as their younglings.

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