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Who is Ethan Suplee Wife, Brandy Lewis? Their Children

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Ethan Suplee with wife Brandy Lewis

Ethan Suplee, the actor of movies like American History X and The Wolf of Wall Street, is a renowned celebrity who has been in talks regarding his married life. Besides being known for his once fat body, fans are well aware that this 45-year-old actor from Manhattan is in a marital relationship. Although Ethan’s wife is not an actress, she comes from a family with notable Hollywood names. Know more about Ethan Suplee and his wife here.

Love Life with Brandy Lewis

Ethan and Brandy know each other very well as they were lovers since their teenage days. It isn’t sure whether Brandy and Ethan went to the same school. Regardless, Ethan revealed that he fell in love with Brandy the moment the two met. Moreover, in one of his Instagram posts, he mentioned that it was during the moment Brandy slapped Ethan with a teabag that made him love her.


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Brandy and Ethan tied the knot in 2006 after dating each other in 1992. Additionally, Brandy wedded Ethan in a highly private wedding.

Some call their relationship a successful one for various reasons. However, the prime reason for this is because Brandy and Ethan have kept their relationship alive for fifteen years. Also, Brandy was the reason Ethan could lose nearly 250 lbs of weight.


During the 15-year-long relationship, Brandy and Ethan gave birth to four children. Interestingly, one can call their family an all-girls family as Ethan and Brandy are parents to four daughters.

Reports have it that Ethan Suplee engaged with his wife during late 2004. However, the exciting thing is that the two already conceived three children before calling the wedding bells. Their eldest daughter, Bella Lewis, came to the family in 1997. Both Brandy and Lewis took the risk of having a baby when they were only in their 20s.

Similarly, Ethan’s second daughter, Lily, came shortly after in 1998. Just after announcing their engagement, mother Brandy and father Ethan also announced the birth of their third daughter, Francis Clementine, in 2005.

Finally, the fourth and the last girl, Bellie, was born in April 2007.

Ethan Suplee's wife, Brandy Lewis with their kids
Ethan Suplee’s wife, Brandy Lewis with her four lovely daughters.

Media Presence

Despite being a wife of a prominent figure and sister of actress-singer Juliette Lewis, Brandy does not prefer to be active on her social media. On Instagram, Brandy can be found as @sojustthinking with 2k followers. Brandy Lewis is nowhere present on Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, her husband has nearly 527k followers on Instagram and often tags her in pictures.

Brandy Lewis bio

Brandy Lewis, born Brandywynne Lewis, is from California and was born on December 13, 1975. Moreover, her father is the iconic Hollywood actor Geoffrey Lewis and Glenis Duggan Batley (his first wife). Sadly, Brandy’s biological parents divorced at the time of her birth. Brandy also grew up with a successful sibling named Juliette Lewis, who is an actress and singer. Some sources claim that Brandy is a film producer known for her works Gone in 60 Seconds, The Other Sister, and The Evening Star.

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