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Errol Barnett is Married to Wife: Ariana Tolbert. Kids

Image of Errol Barnett with his wife, Ariana Tolbert

The CBS News correspondent, Errol Barnett, rose to prominence for being in charge of news about Trump’s administration. He has been deployed to different places to cover contemporary issues in line with his work.

The parents who gave birth to him on the 3rd of April 1983 were identified as Michael and Pamela Barnett. He was born and nurtured in Milton Keynes, England, wherein he spent most of his life.

Being a good-looking and well-known news correspondent, there are questions regarding Errol Barnett’s wife’s whereabouts and updates. Please find out more about him by reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes details about his marriage and kids.

Errol Barnett is Married to Ariana

Image of Errol Barnett with his wife, Ariana Tolbert

Errol Barnett with his wife, Ariana Tolbert

Being a prominent television figure, the question regarding Errol Barnett’s wife is frequently looked up on the internet. He is the proudest when answering the particular question because he is very much in love with the woman who holds the title of Errol Barnett’s wife.

Recently tagged as Errol Barnett’s wife is a lovely lady named Ariana Tolbert. Their marriage occurred on a beautiful day on the 18th of May in 2019.

The intimate ceremony took place in Round Hill Resort which is located in Jamaica. Their closest friends and family are the only invited people as they want it to stay as simple as possible.

According to the CBS reporter, the wedding occurred in Jamaica as requested by his late grandparents. It was because their family is originally from the wedding place, but due to World War II, they were forced to transfer to England.

The couple made sure to create a memorial table to give honors to their grandparents. Photographs of their wedding ceremony are widely shared on the internet, and it is absolutely beautiful.

The lovely due also made their vows as personal as possible by writing them on paper and reading them aloud. Their wedding ceremony is genuinely one of a kind, especially when a crane joins the tradition by landing on the body of water in their venue.

Since the date of their marriage, the couple has not been included in any issues. It was because they had been keeping details to themselves and the CBS reporter’s line of work.

Errol Barnett’s Kids

As a newly wedded couple, there are no kids listed under the name of the couple. They are both busy with their respective careers. Thus having children is not their top priority as of this writing.

According to Errol Barnett’s wife, she does want to have a child but not now because they are more focused on their personal growth. Furthermore, they enjoy their time as a married couple by doing the things they were not allowed to do when they were still dating.

They would, for sure, share updates about their kids once Errol Barnett’s wife had already conceived. It is guaranteed that their child would have good looks credited to their beautiful genes.

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