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Ernie Hudson is Married to Wife: Linda Kingsberg. Kids.

Image of Ernie Hudson with his wife, Linda Kingsberg

Earnest Lee Hudson, famously known as Ernie Hudson, is a film and television artist who hailed from the United States of America. His most well-known work is as Winston Zeddemore in the film series Ghostbusters.

More roles are assumed by the actor in films such as The Crow, Oz, Leviathan, The Basketball Diaries, Miss Congeniality, and the list goes on. He has also appeared on television shows such as The Last Precinct, The Secret Life of American Teenager, Transformers: Prime, and more.

The successful career of the actor is making people wonder how Ernie Hudson’s wife is doing. Find out about it by reading this Wikipedia-type article as we discuss further his wife, including his marriage, previous relationships, and kids.

Ernie Hudson is Married to Linda Kingsberg

Image of Ernie Hudson with his wife, Linda Kingsberg
Ernie Hudson with his wife, Linda Kingsberg

Being one of the world’s most renowned artists, questions with regards to Ernie Hudson’s wife is frequently asked of him during interviews. He does not close himself when it comes to topics such as his dating life.

The title Ernie Hudson’s wife is presently held by a lovely lady named Linda Kingsberg. The couple tied the knot in the year 1985.

Details with regards to their marriage were not disclosed for the public’s knowledge. However, the actor said that he was hesitant to exchange vows with his wife at first because they came from different races.

Nevertheless, love conquered all, and they proceeded to tie the knot. It was not hard for them to deal with the assumed problems because they believed that the only opinion that matters is theirs.

The couple’s first encounter occurred during the taping of The Great White Hope, wherein Ernie Hudson’s wife worked as a flight attendant. They instantly clicked and proceeded with their relationship shortly after the film actor’s divorce.

They have been living a peaceful and controversy-free life since the day they got married. It was because Ernie Hudson’s wife prefers to stay lowkey and do her own thing.

Ernie Hudson’s Previous Relationships

It is not a secret that there was a previous Ernie Hudson’s wife. It was previously held by a woman name is, Jeannie Moore.

The prominent personality and she married in 1963 while they were teenagers. It is given that the actor was still struggling with his career during those times.

Because of his tight schedule as a beginner and a father, their marriage was affected, which later resulted to divorce. It was not easy for him as an emerging artist because he had to handle his workload.

Ernie Hudson’s Kids

Image of Ernie Hudson with his sons, Ernie Hudson Jr. and Rahaman Hudson
Ernie Hudson with his sons, Ernie Hudson Jr. and Rahaman Hudson

The first Ernie Hudson’s wife birthed two beautiful sons named Ernie Hudson Jr. and Rahaman Hudson. On the other hand, the present Ernie Hudson’s wife gave birth to two boys named Andrew and Ross.

Raising a family is never easy to work for anybody. The film personality once shared that he has maintained a good relationship with his sons by spending time and talking to them.

He is the proudest when the topic is about his children. However, he is careful not to drag other details, such as Ernie Hudson’s wife, into the topic because he wants to keep them under wraps.

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