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Elvis Costello is Married to Wife: Diana Krall. Kids: Dexter, Frank, Matthew

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Image of Elvis Costello with his wife, Diana Krall

Known for his fantastic approach to the world of music, Elvis Costello is respected by many as a great artist. He is a singer-songwriter whose voice has been on the airwaves since late 1999.

He is a Rock and Roll figure that has been at the top of the charts during his prime when he pumped out continuous hits for the younger generation. Because of his utter skill and ability in music, he was inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside the greats such as Elvis Presley and Ray Charles.

The musician may not be as prominent now as he was still a lot younger. But his music continues to live on and is still gathering a small but supportive fanbase among the new generation.

People indeed say that music breaks the boundaries between age and social class. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, and whatever country you may come from, Costello’s music will radiate to you still.

Who is the wife of artist Elvis Costello? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Elvis Costello is Married married to his Wife Diana Krall since 2003

Image of Elvis Costello with his wife, Diana Krall
Elvis Costello with his wife, Diana Krall

The artist came from a rather lengthy but exciting string of lovers. So it is pretty surprising that when Elvis Costello’s wife chose him to be her partner.

Their marriage is not the most publicly open, and information is scarce. However, they indeed enjoyed the quint and simple wedding that they had decades ago.

It was attended by close friends, family relatives, and other artists.

Elvis Costello’s Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

As mentioned above, Elvis Costello’s wife is quite a brave woman. She embraced the history that her husband had before meeting her.

Her first lover was a woman named Mary Burgoyne. Unlike the next two lovers in the artist’s life, there is little to no information about her.

However, what is available is that she was a former actress who also worked within the same industry as her former lover. She lives a peaceful and quiet life away from all the cameras and spotlight she once enjoyed.

Next on the list would be another beautiful actress known as Cait O’Riordan. She is a British musician who has also cemented her name as a remarkable artist in rock.

She is a multitalented musician that used to play the Bass guitar during her time with a band named Pogues. After her separation from the star came to fruition, she also lay lowed a bit and shied away from the prying eyes of the masses.

Diana Krall’s Biography

Like the two women mentioned above, Elvis Costello’s wife Diana is also a talented woman. She is a multitalented musician who plays piano and even sings.

Because of her raw skill and talent for playing the piano, Billboard dubbed her as one of the greatest jazz artists from the 2000s up to 2009. She would later cement her name as one of the highest-selling artists during her prime.

Elvis Costello’s Kids

Image of Elvis Costello and Diana Krall with their kids, Dexter, Matthew, and Frank.
Elvis Costello and Diana Krall with their kids, Dexter, Matthew, and Frank.

Due to the long line of lovers that Mr. Costello had, it was hard to keep track of which of his kids belonged to whose mother. However, it was sure that he had three kids named Dexter, Matthew, and Frank.

Dexter is the product of the love of the artist and her husband. He is still a young baby boy adored by netizens around the world.

Next to him is his older stepbrother Matthew. He was conceived when the singer had with his first wife, Mary.

And lastly, Frank is the 15 years old teen born out of the love of his parents Diana and her current partner. He still lives with his parents, but as he ages, it may soon be that he moves out of the house too.

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