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El Alfa is Married to Wife: Alba Rose. Kids

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Image of Al-Elfa a Domincan Rapper

El Alfa is a rapper who descended from the Dominican Republic and an artist famously known for his afro hair and remarkable voice. Aside from being a notable rapper and artist, he is also a YouTube artist.

He also publishes his songs on Spotify under dembow genre. He recently ranked 164 on the platform and the top artist for his chosen genre. 

The rapper was born to Emanuel Herrera Bautista on the 18th of December 1990. He was birthed and nurtured at Dominican Republic’s Bajos de Haina región. 

In 2010, he published the songs Tarzan and Coche Bomba, which turned out to be great hits. He made the big remix with notable artists such as Bryant Myres, Chencho Corleone, and Jon Z. 

Going up the ladder, the prominent artist collaborated with the industry’s biggest celebrities. In 2018, Cardi B, Pitbull, and Tyga were some musicians he collaborated with.

Are you curious about El Alfa’s wife and kids? Continue reading to find out more about him. 

El Alfa is Married to his wife, Alba Rose

Image of Al-Elfa with his wife Alba Rose at their wedding
Al-Elfa with his wife Alba Rose at their wedding

Striving to be one of the world’s most famous artists, El Alfa’s love life is usually searched online. Moreover, he is happily married to his long-term girlfriend, Alba Rose. 

The lack of information about the couple’s history stirred rumors about how they met up. According to reports, the couple met in the most cliché way possible. 

El Alfa’s wife has been his long-term girlfriend for 17 long years. They already went through a lot with the lengthy relationship, significantly before the rapper rose into stardom. 

Who is Alba Rose?

Image of Alba Rose with his Dominican Rapper Husband
Alba Rose with his Dominican Rapper Husband

Alba Rose’s early and professional life details are not disclosed. They are comfortably living away from the spotlight. 

We know that El Alfa’s wife is a fantastic lady and a productive mother of their kids. The couple is making sure to stay lowkey to avoid the unnecessary dramas with fame. 

Rumors and Controversies about Them

The YouTuber once made content in February of 2015 about the founders of the Dominican Republic, namely Juan Pablo Duarte, Matas Ramón Mella, and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez. He swore against these crucial figures in his local heritage. 

Due to his irresponsible act, he was sentenced to do community service for two weeks and a day. He cleared out that it was not what he meant to say but still apologized for the damage he had done.

Kids of El Alfa and Alba Rose

Image of Al-Elfa with his son and daughter
Al-Elfa with his son and daughter

Even before their marriage, the couple was blessed with two adorable sons. They decided to name them Fendi and Emanuel Bautista. 

The couple’s kids are present at their wedding. Based on the pictures published after their parents’ unification, they are over the moon. 

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