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Ed Quinn is Married to Wife: Heather Courtney-Quinn. Kids.

Image of Ed Quinn

If you are a fan of shows like CBS’ 2 Broke Girls or One Day at a Time, or at least have stumbled on it before, the name Ed Quinn should be a name that would be familiar to you. However, for many people that have not heard of him or his shows, let us give you a brief introduction of who this actor is.

Born Arthur Edward Quinn, he is an actor, musical artist, and professional model that has appeared in many television shows and movies in the past decades. From his debut in the world of entertainment back in 1999, the star has already claimed the status of being called a veteran actor.

More than two decades in Hollywood could be tiresome for many people, especially when dealing with fans and the constant flashing lights and cameras. But for the celebrity, this is a feat that he came to embrace, and he has become known for his exuberant and quite positive energy when on screen.

Although he would not see much success as an actor, his pursuit of recognition and entertainment did not stop there, and he became a film and TV producer. Not only that, but he also pursued a career in music and has released a few songs here and there and an EP back in 2013.

More about Ed Quinn’s romantic and personal life in this article. Read to know more about him.

Ed Quinn has been married to his wife, Heather Courtney-Quinn, since 2008

Image of Ed Quinn
Ed Quinn is a known American actor, model, and musician. He is known for a few shows he appeared in, such as 2 Broke Girls, Mistresses, and One Day at a Time

Undoubtedly, someone as handsome and talented as Mr. Quinn wouldn’t find himself a wonderful woman to take as his wife. Meet Ed Quinn’s wife, Heather Courtney-Quinn, most commonly referred to by many as Heather, a fellow worker and figure both in TV and in films in Hollywood.

While the couple is not the most vocal when spilling out stories and details about their love lives, it is evident that Ed Quinn’s wife matches the energy he gives. They tied the knot in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends.

Ed Quinn’s Previous Relationships

A handsome face like him also eludes a good personality because, as surprising as this may sound for a lot of people, it is believed that the star did not have any lovers before Heather. Although this claim is not all concrete and the evidence to support it is lacking, it is plausible because no existing reports state that he was in a relationship before.

Heather Courtney-Quinn’s Biography

The star is not about sharing his life with the public, so it’s not surprising that Ed Quinn’s wife, Heather, is also not the most vocally open individual in entertainment. We know they have been together for some time and that she is also working in the same field as her husband, probably behind the camera.

She is a film and TV producer, with the movie Un-Broke: What You Need to Know About Money as her debut in the world of show business.

Ed Quinn’s Kids

Although the couple has been married for over a decade, they have yet to have children. While the reason behind this is relatively unknown, they may be focused on furthering their careers today rather than taking care of mini versions of them.

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