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Dustin Hurt is Married to Wife: Arin Alhum Hanson. Kids.

Image of Dustin Hurt

Known for his appearance in the hit Discovery Channel reality show Gold Rush, Dustin Hurt is one of many the stars of the show that dives deep into the financial struggle of citizens. Along with co-stars Jack Hoffman and Todd Hoffman, they explore the intricacies and problems of an average American daily living.

Even though that is the case, the show explores the challenging lives of gold miners like him and many other people in the United States, most specifically in Alaska. This topic piqued many television fans’ interest, and they supported the show until its ongoing season this 2022.

Sadly, the Gold Rush star has left the show that made him famous and situated him where he is currently standing. The reason for his departure from the reality series is not apparent to many fans, but this has not prevented fans from completely speculating his decision.

After all the fame and the fortune that he received from the show, he decided that the life of being a reality TV cast was not the thing for him and opted for a more peaceful and quiet life. His current whereabouts are not available to the public, but whatever he may be doing in recent years, we all hope he is just doing fine.

Want to know about Dustin Hurt’s wife and romantic life? Read the article below to get the answers that you need.

Dustin Hurt has been Married to his wife, Arin Alhum Hanson, since 2017

Image of Dustin Hurt with his wife, Arin Alhum Hanson
Dustin Hurt with his wife, Arin Alhum Hanson

Unbeknownst to many, it is only recently that he and Dustin Hurt’s wife have finally made things official between them as both husband and wife. Dustin Hurt’s Wife, Arin Alhum Hanson, celebrated her wonderful day with the star in a closed private ceremony attended by close family members, colleagues, and other friends.

While the origins and the start of their love story are not open to the public, it is definite that their love and affection towards each other is a testament to their relationship. They are celebrating five years as a married couple in 2022 and are looking for more years to come into their marriage.

Dustin Hurt’s Previous Relationships

Like many things in the gold miner’s life, his romantic past is not something he wants people to snoop around and investigate. As of the latest, there are no rumors nor reports of any past partners that the star had before meeting his wonderful and amazing wife.

We will update the article accordingly if anything regarding her previous relationships arises.

Arin Alhum Hanson’s Biography

In much the same manner, Dustin Hurt’s Wife Arin also does not have a lot of things written about her that can be found on the internet. While some photos are floating around showing her and her husband, it’s not much concrete information to dabble with.

Regardless, she is Caucasian and currently lives with her partner in the beautiful city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

Dustin Hurt’s Kids

While the lovers would be celebrating half a decade this year, they have yet to decide whether they would want little versions of them to accompany them. But, it’s only a matter of time before the couple finalizes their minds on having their kids.

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