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Dovydas is Married to Wife: Jill. Kids. Marriage Rumors.

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Image of the Dovydas a Lithuanian Born Musician, Composer, and Multi-Instrumentalist

He established a rapport for himself as an unprecedented soloist in the industry of music. Dovydas is a singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and composer descended from Lithuania. 

Born and raised in Lithuania, the musician decided to relocate to America in 2012. He was featured in different national TV shows such as Ring of Young Talents in 2010, Lithuania’s Got Talent in 2009, and Lithuania’s Pick for Eurovision in 2011. 

The composer has organized successful music events such as “Bliuzo Naktys” in 2010, “Visagino Country” in 2010, “Most Rockowy” in 2010, and “Wegorzewo” in 2011. He assembled a band named “The David Smash Band,” which took part in the International Blues Challenge in 2016, wherein they proceeded to the semi-finals. 

The multi-instrumentalist was born in the biggest city in Lithuania, Kaunas. He got his creative side from his father, a painter, and his mother opted to stay at home to raise him first-handedly. 

His interest in playing guitar started when he was still 13 years old. Later on, he started taking private guitar lectures from his experienced friends. 

Are you curious about Dovydas’ wife, marriage, and kids? Continue reading to find out more about him. 

Dovydas is Married to his wife: Jill.

Image of Dovydas with his wife jill
Dovydas with his wife jill

Dovydas’ relationship status as a prominent musician is mostly searched up by his fans. As of 2022, the singer-songwriter is married to Jill’s wife. 

Unfortunately, details about their first encounter are not available to the public. The privacy of more information stirred rumors about how they met. 

One of the rumors that stood out is that Dovydas used to busk in public, meeting his wife while performing. It is only an assumption. However, supporters stick to this narrative as they find it romantic to find the love of your life in public playing some sweet music. 

Who is Jill?

Image of the wife of the Lithuanian Musician
wife of the Lithuanian Musician

Details about Dovydas’ wife are not yet available to the public. Nevertheless, she is vocal about their relationship on her social media accounts.

Dovydas’ wife never fails to make her husband feel appreciated and loved through her sweet posts. 

Rumors and Controversies about their Relationship

Dovydas’ wife lived a peaceful and quiet life before and after their marriage. No rumors or controversies are reported about the couple. 

Dodyvas and Jill’s Kids

Based on the couple’s social media accounts, they do not have a child yet. The couple would indeed be good parents once they have their children. 

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