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Donald Cerrone is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Lindsay Sheffield

Image of Donald Cerrone with his partner, Lindsay Sheffield

American mixed martial artist Donald Cerrone was a troubled child before becoming a professional. He was diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder at a young age, and sadly, his medical condition wasn’t given enough attention. 

Due to this, he was often involved in street fights and would wound up in jail. His parents could not handle the trouble he kept bringing home when he was 16, so he was sent to his paternal grandmother Jerry Cerrone. After many bails and disappointments, he entered Air Academy and began pursuing a martial arts career when he was 20. 

His childhood and teenage years might not be that great, but he was able to move on and rise from his dark past. Before joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he first started in a gym in Commerce City called Freedom Fighters. 

He was able to train with many MMA fighters, including Keith Jardine and Jon Jones, thus giving him an assignment in the World Extreme Cagefighting. His first fight was also his first win– even earning him a promotion after defeating Kenneth Alexander. 

He stayed fighting in the WEC known as “Cowboy” until 2010 when the WEC was merged with UFC making him an automatic UFC fighter. Since then, he has had several fights where he won, lost, and even suffered from injuries. 

Are you interested in learning about Donald Cerrone’s wife and love life? Continue reading the article below to know more.

Donald Cerrone is Not Married to Wife, Dating a Girlfriend: Lindsay Sheffield

Image of Donald Cerrone with his partner, Lindsay Sheffield
Donald Cerrone with his partner, Lindsay Sheffield

Donald Cerrone’s wife-to-be, Lindsay Sheffield, was already asked the big question by the MMA fighter and is just waiting for the ceremony to take place. Details about the wedding were yet to be announced, or the couple would prefer to keep the occasion private with family and friends only.

On a Q&A portion in one of the Cowboy’s vlogs on Youtube, he had described how Lindsay Sheffield, Donald Cerrone’s wife in the future, and he met each other. He said butterflies filled his stomach when he met her at a country bar named “Midnight Rodeo.”

Lindsay Sheffield’s Biography

Donald Cerrone’s wife, Lindsay Sheffield, has a Twitter account with the handle @Issheffield, where she has thousands of followers. Before becoming publicly known as the “Cowboy”s fiancee, she works as a family nurse in Lovelace Health System

She earned her nursing degree from Grand Canyon University before her current job. Any more information about his personal life is kept private.

Donald Cerrone’s Past Relationships 

Donald Cerrone does not make a name for himself in the ring but also with the ladies. Before his fiancee, Lindsay Sheffield, he was first dating Brittney Palmer, an octagon girl in the UFC.

Their love affair started to bloom when they were working on a promotion for the WEC, and per reports, they separated their ways after joining the UFC. The reason for their split remains a mystery, and any more history about Cerrone’s former flames will not be set ablaze any time soon. 

Donald Cerrone’s Kids

Image of Donald Cerrone with his partner, Lindsay Sheffield, and their son, Riot River
Donald Cerrone with his partner, Lindsay Sheffield, and their son, Riot River

Married or not, Donald Cerrone and Lindsay Sheffield’s love for each other resulted in their children’s birth. They welcomed their first son Dacson Danger on June 29, 2018, then two years later, on September 11, they welcomed their second child Riot River. 

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