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Is DJ Vlad Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Controversies. 

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Image of DJ Vlad an American Interviewer and Journalist

Vladimir Lyubovny, prominently known as DJ Vlad, is an American journalist, former disc jockey, interviewer, and director. He is the founder and head of news and video website entitled

The journalist also established a YouTube channel that features his interviews with music artists. Currently, his channel has, djvlad, over four million subscribers, and is continuing to grow as he uploads more content. 

This former DJ is now happily married to a wife, but the information about her is not disclosed to any sources we have. If you want to know more about DJ Vlad’s wife, continue to read this Wikipedia-type article.

DJ Vlad’s Dating Status

Image of DJ Vlad an American Interviewer and Journalist
DJ Vlad an American Interviewer and Journalist

DJ Vlad is married to a wife, according to sources. However, further details about DJ Vlad’s wife and their marriage are not available to the public. 

Their marriage seems to be going well along with the journalist’s career. They are happy living a private life and avoiding the unnecessary drama that comes with being a prominent person.

DJ Vlad’s Biography

In Kyiv, Ukraine was where Lyubovny was born, but moved to the United States at a young age. They moved from one place to another until their humble family decided to settle in San Mateo, California. 

He entered the hip-hop industry when he was still young. However, the former DJ realized that his success cannot be attained in his chosen field. 

According to an interview with him, he stated that he wanted to produce music. He explored his options and tried his friend’s DJ equipment, and that was when he found his passion. 

The journalist is not just for the music industry, he has directed several television series, American Gangster and Ghostride the Whip, to name some.  

Rumors and Controversies

One of the rumors about DJ Vlad that stood up from the list was between the interviewer and Drake. Based on his statement, it happened in 2014, he and Drake had their encounter at a Beats by Dre Party. 

Drake approached him and said that he should stop talking shit about the famous artist. He responded to the artist and said that it is one way to greet a person.

According to reports, due to the nature of Vlad’s work, some celebrities might be offended by what they publish of them. There are also speculations that this is the reason why the former DJ’s wife is private is to avoid dealing with interactions like this. 

DJ Vlad’s Kids

The information about DJ Vlad having a child was not yet disclosed. Unfortunately, the news about DJ Vlad’s wife is private.

There are no reports that the former DJ had a child with his wife. But there are some assumptions and expectations about having a child since it’s been a long time since they got married.

We will surely update this write-up once the star shares information about his wife, child, and personal life. So stay tuned!

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