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Didi Gregorius is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Judy Henriques. Kids.

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Image of Didi Gregorius with his girlfriend, Judy Henriques

Mariekson Julius Gregorius, better known by his stage name Didi Gregorius, was born in Amsterdam on February 18, 1990. Didi Gregorius is a Dutch professional baseball player best remembered for his outstanding career as a shortstop with the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball.

In the past, He worked for the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2013 to 2014, as well as the Cincinnati Reds in 2012.

There are several athletes in the baseball player’s family. Both his older brother, Johannes Gregorius Jr., and his father, Johannes Gregorius Senior, were pitchers with the Amsterdam Pirates. In the Italian Baseball League, his brother also participated.

By chance, he shares the same nickname as his father, brother, and himself: Didi. The prime reason for this is that people have difficulty pronouncing their own names.

Keep reading to know more about Didi Gregorius’ wife, his marriage, and if he has kids!

Didi Gregorius is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Judy Henriques. Kids.

Image of Didi Gregorius with his girlfriend, Judy Henriques
Didi Gregorius with his girlfriend, Judy Henriques

Numerous people from all around the world are a fan of Gregorius. Concerning his marital status, dating background, and relationship status are all topics of interest to his admirers. Nevertheless, Gregorius has never been married but is currently going steady with his long-time girlfriend, Judy Henriques.

He is currently dating Judy Henriques, a stunning young woman. Judy, his better half, is a Curaçaoan aspiring model and academic. She also posts a variety of nail art on her nail art-focused Instagram account.

The aspiring model is also a Certified Polygel Nail Tech and has Certification for Combined Manicure & Pedicure, according to the bio on her Instagram account dedicated to nail art. She is currently employed as a Zumba instructor as well.

Her personal Instagram is private. Nonetheless, the aspiring model’s personal Instagram seems to be filled with her and Didi’s images.

Didi Gregorius, on the other hand, does not frequently post on social media about his love life. However, he has shared several photos of himself with Judy on social media.

Although Didi and Judy’s relationship began at an unknown point, it appears to have started at the beginning of 2013. The couple is often spotted together in places like cafes, shopping centers, and gatherings. Furthermore, they do not have a child.

Didi Gregorius’ Biography

Didi’s mother, Sheritsa Stroop, is a former member of the Dutch National softball team. On the island of Curacao in the middle of the 20th century, his paternal grandfather Antonio was renowned for being a brilliant pitcher.

To continue Gregorius Sr.’s baseball career, the Gregorius family relocated to Curaçao in 1995 from Amsterdam. In the Netherlands, Gregorius started playing tee-ball and Little League Baseball after being motivated by his older brother Johannes Jr.

He also started painting in his spare time. Gregorius spent his childhood playing basketball and soccer in addition to baseball, although he wasn’t as dedicated to those games.

As of 2020, Gregorius’ estimated net worth has reached $10 million. This includes his belongings, money, and profits. His profession as a professional baseball player is his main source of income.

Gregorius is a native of Curaçao and speaks proficiently in English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento. He likes to take pictures in his spare time and recently started getting tattoos after the COVID-19 pandemic postponed the 2020 MLB season.

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