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Derrick Rose Wife: Alaina Anderson. Son: Derrick Rose Jr.

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Image of Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is a 32-year old NBA player who is presently contracted to New York Nicks. Standing at 6 ft 2 inches tall, Rose is a fearsome point guard.

Moving away from basketball, you’ll also find that Derrick is affiliated with Adidas. He partnered with the sports powerhouse to create his line of basketball shoes, D Rose.

As far as his personal life goes, Derrick’s wife is Alaina Anderson. The two even have a son together, Derrick Rose Jr. You need to know about Derrick Rose’s wife and son.

Who is Alaina Anderson?

Image of Derrick Rose with his wife, Alaina Anderson
Derrick Rose with his wife, Alaina Anderson

Alaina Anderson is an aspiring fitness guru, fashion icon, and social media influencer. As an influencer, Alaina promotes brands like Keep it Cute Fitness. This is an online store that mainly sells athletic wear and equipment.

Her affiliation with the brand isn’t surprising. Alaina likes to work out a lot, frequently posting videos of herself at the gym and encouraging her fans to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One of her favorite routines is the leg workout, as she also gets to incorporate the KICF bands into the exercise.

Her Instagram page has around 340K followers.

The page gives her the platform to show off her curves and high-end purses.

Other than that, Derrick Rose’s wife also works with brands such as Adidas, Lay Slay, and Drip 2021. Being a native of Chicago, Anderson is a former student of De La Salle High.

Once she got her diploma, Alaina enrolled at the University of Illinois.

We found that Alaina cuts quite an impressive figure at 5 ft 6 inches by examining her physical stats. Additionally, she weighs about 120 pounds.

Alaina Anderson’s Age and Birthday

Alaina Anderson was born on November 15th, 1994, in Illinois. This means that she’ll be celebrating her 27th birthday towards the end of the year. Another fun, exciting detail about her is that she is a Scorpio.

It means that she is not only determined but also caring as far as her personality is concerned. One of her most memorable birthday celebrations fell in 2018 when Derrick bought her a brand new white Bentley.

Alaina Anderson’s Relationship with Derrick Rose. Their Kids.

Image of Derrick Rose with his family
Derrick Rose with his family

Sources close to the couple revealed that Derrick first met Alaina sometime in 2016.

Derrick had just left the Bulls for the Knicks at the time, while Alaina was fresh from a stint in college. The two are both workout fanatics, so it’s easy to see where the initial attraction stemmed from.

They’d date for the next two years before Rose asked Alaina to marry him.

Surprisingly, this was when Derrick was dealing with nagging injuries that were weighing heavy on his mind. Moreover, his health problems would even force him to step back from the game he loved.

His marriage to Alaina proved to be the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. In an interview, the couple revealed that they kept the ceremony private and small.

The two were quite eager to start a family. This did not take long. Their first child, Layla Malibu, was born on February 25th, 2018, and just turned four.

London Marley Rose followed a year later in May and is currently 3-years old.

His son, Derrick Rose Jr.

Image of Derrick Rose with his son, Derrick Rose, Jr.
Derrick Rose with his son, Derrick Rose, Jr.

Derrick Jr, also known as PJ, is Rose’s oldest child. He was born back in 2013, making him 8-years old as we speak.

At the time, Derrick Rose was dating a woman named Mieka Reese.

Even though he is only 8, PJ has already established a decent following on Instagram. He currently has 121,000 on IG alone. A quick look at his page tells us that PJ is an advocate for the anti-bullying campaign. Besides that, he is also into fashion and sports.

The former stems from the fact that his father is an NBA athlete. PJ regularly posses in Knick’s jerseys with his younger siblings.

And despite not owning a driver’s license, PJ has already developed a love for high-end vehicles. In one such post, he sits on top of a Blueberry Faygo.

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