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Derrick Lewis is Married to Wife: April Davis. Kids.

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Image of Derrick Lewis with his wife, April Davis

Many individuals have explored the world of mixed martial arts since the industry has challenging opponents, and one of them is Derrick Lewis. He rose to fame after having multiple matches in the promotion company named Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The professional mixed martial artist was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States, on February 7, 1985, and is now 37. With the talent he has shown in the mixed martial arts industry, he was eligible to compete in Bellator MMA and Legacy FC, where he obtained the heavyweight champion title.

The talented competitor has been given recognition and awards like Most Knockouts in UFC history, Most Knockouts in UFC Heavyweight history, Performance of the Night, Fight of the Night, and 2018 Comeback of the Year by MMAJunkie. Indeed, he has been an incredible fighter idolized by many viewers.

With his chosen dangerous career path, many people wonder if he has a partner who agrees to every match he goes into despite knowing its danger. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Derrick Lewis’ wife, partner, love life, and children.

Derrick Lewis has been Married to his Wife, April Davis, since 2017

Image of Derrick Lewis with his wife, April Davis
Derrick Lewis with his wife, April Davis

Even though Derrick is not in the entertainment industry, many reporters still follow his life because he got famous for mixed martial arts. Many supporters are intrigued about Derrick Lewis’ wife and whether she has supported her husband’s career.

Unfortunately, he is off the market for those attracted to the professional MMA fighter because he is already married to a woman. She is April Davis and is proud to be called Derrick Lewis’ wife.

He has been focused on his fighting career, which is why people thought he would not have a partner. Moreover, they were wrong after the MMA fighter announced that he had a wife, which he loved so much.

Derrick Lewis’ wife chose to date the skilled MMA fighter first before officially making her his boyfriend. After realizing that their personalities match, the couple decided to be engaged and plan their wedding.

Furthermore, many people admired the couple for showing healthy signs of being in a relationship. They were spotted in public places being intimate together and polite to the people who liked to meet them.

On June 17, 2017, the couple officially tied the knot and did not reveal any details about their unique wedding, but it was claimed that family, close friends, and relatives attended their wedding day. Our team will find more information regarding the wedding details of the pair.

We will update this article once Derrick Lewis’ wife decides to disclose more information about the occasion.

April Davis’ Biography

Many fans of the mixed martial arts fighter have been asking about the details of Derrick Lewis’ wife, and they do not want to stop until they know the identity of his partner. In 2017, Derrick finally revealed that he is married to a stunning woman named April Davis.

According to sources, April wanted to keep her details private and live a lowkey life. Moreover, on Lewis’ Instagram account, he does not post his wife to keep things between them private.

She has not been active on social media but is always seen with Derrick at social gatherings and events. Moreover, fans do not have doubts that she loves Lewis as the mixed martial artist fights in every match with intense energy.

Even though many people are intrigued about the personal information of Derrick Lewis’ wife, they cannot force her to release details on the internet since she has successfully made her life lowkey. April believes privacy should be the number one priority in a relationship since people cannot give harsh comments about their romantic connection.

Our team will find more details regarding the life of April Davis. We will update this article once Derrick Lewis’ wife has disclosed information about herself.

Derrick Lewis’ Kids

Undoubtedly, Derrick has been in the limelight for many years, so he is not new to interviews and articles about him. However, he did not share about are the identities of his children.

According to sources, the professional fighter has two sons and a daughter, but their names were not given to the public. People believed that this was because of April’s decision to keep things about their family private.

Our team will look for more information regarding the identities of Derrick Lewis’ kids. We will update thi article once the couple decides to share more details about their children.

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