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Derek Luke is Married to Wife: Sophia Adella Luke. Kids.

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Image of Derek Luke with his wife, Sophia Adella Luke

Derek Luke is a proud black American actor. He is an award-winning artist, most prominent for his role in Antwone Fisher’s movie.

Derek was born on April 24, 1974. He grew up in the streets of Jersey City, New Jersey, where he spent most of his childhood.

His mother is a pianist, while his father is an actor. Derek went on to study at Henry Snyder High School.

One of the highlights of his acting was when he was one of Spike Lee’s actors in the 2008 war movie entitled “Miracle at St. Anna.” He replaced Wesley Snipes as Aubrey Stamps, 2nd staff sergeant.

During his early career, Derek played a minor role as a nurse in the sitcom “The King of Queens” in 1999. After his work there, the actor was cast as a member of the group “Mayhem” in the show Moesha in 2001.

The actor continued to pursue his passion for acting. In 2013, he got the role of Gregory in the hit tv series “The Americans.”

His most significant role was in the hit television series “Empire,” where he played Cookie Lyon’s ex-partner, Malcolm DeVeaux. This role made Luke one of the mainstream artists of American tv.

Curious about the actor’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Derek Luke’s wife: Sophia Adella Luke, and their relationship.

Derek Luke is Married to wife, Sophia Adella Luke

Image of Derek Luke with his wife, Sophia Adella Luke
Derek Luke with his wife, Sophia Adella Luke

The actor has had roles that extensively focus on his male aura and appeal. It comes with no surprise that Derek Luke is an eyecatcher when it comes to women.

But the actor is no longer available romantically. Derek Luke is currently married to wife, Sophia Adella Luke.

The couple has a very long relationship. It is said that Derek and Sophia have been married for 24 years.

The lovebirds tied the knot in 1998. It was a private wedding only family and friends were invited.

Their relationship has been tested for a long time. Derek and Sophia have never been linked to any controversy.

Sophia Adella Luke’s Biography

Sophia Adella Luke is Derek Luke’s wife. The lovely woman has been the actor’s partner for many years now.

Derek Luke’s wife was born on March 111971. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America.

Sophia is also an actor like her husband. She played different roles in multiple movies throughout her career.

One of Sophia’s most prominent roles was in the world-renowned film “Spartan.” She also was cast in the movies “ Knockout” and “ Lying in Wait.”

Derek Luke’s wife spends most of her time caring for their kid.

Derek Luke’s Kids

Image of Derek and Sophia Adella Luke with their kids
Derek and Sophia Adella Luke with their kids

The long relationship between Derek and Sophia has resulted in a beautiful family. They are parents to a single child.

The lovers’ son is always seen with Derek during his work and travels. But unfortunately, details about his son are hidden from the public.

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