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Is David Geffen Married? Or Dating a Partner?

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Image of David Geffen

Few entrepreneurs can taste success and keep it. One of them is David Geffen. David is a producer and record label owner that started his business career when he started the Asylum Records in 1971.

David Geffen was born on February 21, 1943, in New York City. He grew up in the streets of Brooklyn, where their family was living.

He finished his High School at New Utrecht High School and went to Brooklyn College. He did not excel in his studies and dropped out twice in college.

But the entrepreneur did not give up on his dream and relocated to Los Angeles. David started as a mailroom employee for the William Morris Agency before becoming a talent agent.

Geffen lied about his degree at UCLA to be able to move to the top of the organization. He intercepted the email from UCLA that he did not attend the prestigious college because he works in the mailroom.

After this, David started his work in Asylum Records. In 1971, he and Elliot Roberts co-founded the company. Their success came behind signing artists such as Bob Dylan, the Eagles, and Tom Waits.

After his accomplishments under Asylum Records, he started the Geffen Records in 1980. Who is David Geffen’s wife?

David Geffen’s Relationship status

Image of David Geffen
David Geffen is an American business magnate, producer, and film studio executive.

David has been open about his sexuality and gender. The entrepreneur is confirmed to be homosexual.

As of now, he is not married to anyone. The veteran producer has been quiet about his romantic life ever since his last relationship.

But fans wait for the latest update on David Geffen’s wife and status. They hope that someday, the celebrity will find the love of his life and get married.

We will update this article once details about David Geffen’s wife become available.

David Geffen’s Past Relationships

Image of David Geffen with his ex-partner, Jeremy Lingvall
David Geffen with his ex-partner, Jeremy Lingvall

David Geffen has been a pillar of the industry. With his works, he rarely has time for romantic endeavors.

But the famed celebrity once got linked with a young man. David confirmed that he had a relationship with Jeremy Lingvall.

Jeremy is 40 years younger than David. But this did not seem to be an issue when the two were still together.

He was a DJ and attended the University of California. David and Jeremy had an interesting relationship.

They were spotted around different high social standing celebrations and events. They even had dinner with the former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

But the previous lovebirds did not have the chance to tie the knot. After six years of togetherness, David and Jeremy split.

David said that the breakup was civil and no controversies were necessary. He also stated that the relationship had a good run, but it needed to end.

After this, the famed entrepreneur did not seem to have gone into another relationship. We will update this once information about David’s status is revealed.

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