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Dave Sparks is Married to Wife: Ashley Bennet Sparks. Kids.

Image of Dave Sparks with his wife, Ashley Bennet Sparks, and their kids

If you have an interest in car shows, automobiles, and trucks, then you must be familiar with the American reality show that airs on Discovery Channel called, ‘Diesel Brothers.’ The show has already three seasons, one of the wonderful cast is Dave Sparks, most known under his nickname Heavy D.

At the early age of 21 years old, he dropped out of his college to start his own business; his love for automobiles influenced him to come up with that decision. A 1976 Yamaha motorcycle model was the first one he ever got hold of, which he retunes into the Mega Ram Runner; Diesel Dave is associated with the young mechanic; through his help, Dave Sparks established his business.

He later appeared on the television show as a restoration expert in ‘Diesel Brothers,’ in 2016, wherein it follows the challenging day-to-day operation of an auto shop in Utah. Together with the rest of the crew, the viewers can catch sight of the difficulties of mechanics in turning the wrecked cars into powerful diesel-driven machines.

He surprisingly also owns an apparel company and a truck dealership; he is a truly inspiring person for those aspiring individuals who wish to walk the path of entrepreneurship. Dave Sparks just proved that even though he failed to get a college degree, that would not be a hindrance to seize success.

Who is Dave Sparks Wife? We’ll answer the question about his personal life by reading the article below.

Dave Sparks has been Married to Wife: Ashley Bennet Sparks, since 2009


This TV Star has numerous fans declaring their undying love for him, but it’s too late as someone has already taken the title of Dave Sparks’ wife, and that is Ashley Bennet Sparks. As a religious person, their first meeting is at the church.

After a year of dating, they decided to exchange vows in Holy Matrimony. A marriage that is God-centered has a deep foundation and understanding, and their bond is not something you can break off easily.

Dave Sparks’ Previous Relationships

Fans are curious about the dating history of the TV star however, he kept his personal life away from the public. Thus, pieces of information about the star are currently unavailable.

Dave Sparks is known for his faithful demure to his wife and has no plan of separating from his family in the near future.

Ashley Bennet Sparks’ Biography

Let us discover some facts about Dave Bennet Sparks’ wife, it is reported that Ashley Bennet.

Sparks loves to travel together with her family. They believe that through having a vacation, their bond strengthens.

Further detail about her and her family or other relatives are currently unavailable. We will return to this article once they share something about Ashley Bennet Sparks.

Dave Sparks’ Kids


The couple’s love resulted in three children, Charley, Beau, and Mack. This family resides in Arizona and Utah, and they also stated that they have further plans of having a permanent home anytime soon to properly raise their children.

Next year will be their 13-year of marriage, this is a piece of evidence that they are indeed going steady and blissful with the family they built.

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